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Reactive Generators supply industrial and heavy mobile generator sales from some of the world’s leading brands. These generators have been designed to provide a reliable source of external power to large enterprises, projects, and government businesses around the country. They come in a range of sizes, meaning there will be a generator suited to your needs.

We provide a comprehensive range of power solutions across Queensland, from our trusted authorised partners. Reactive Generators is both a Kohler authorised channel partner and a Pramac official dealer. Both of these manufacturers have made a name for themselves as providing some of the best industrial generators in the market. There’s a reason we have chosen them to supply our range of generators, and that’s because we know their solutions will meet the diverse power needs of our clients.

Through our valued partners, we sell industrial and heavy mobile generators from 10kVA through to 4500kVA. Reactive Generators is fully capable and qualified to deliver the full range of commercial and industrial generator services – from design to installation to maintenance and repairs

Reactive Generators - Kohler and Pramac Generator Sales Brisbane

Pramac Generators

Reactive Generators are proud to be an official dealer of Pramac generators and provide generator sales and warranty directly. Designed to provide a reliable source of power to industrial businesses and large projects.

We stock both the GSW and GRW range of Pramac generators, from 15 kVA through to 560 kVA.

You can view all Pramac Generators by clicking below.

KOHLER Generators

Reactive Generators are proud to be an official partner of Kohler, supplying their generators to industrial businesses all around Queensland with authorised warranty repairs.

We stock a wide range of Kohler products from 22 kVA to 1500 kVA including KK, KD, KV, KH, B & R series models.

You can view all Kohler Generators by clicking below.

15 kVA to 110 kVA Generators:

  • GSW15P
  • GSW22P
  • GSW45P
  • GSW65P
  • GSW80P
  • GSW110P

165 kVA to 560 kVA

  • GSW165P
  • GSW220P
  • GSW275PV
  • GSW330V
  • GSW270V
  • GSW460V
  • GSW560V

22kVA to 250kVA
Industrial Generator Sets

  • KD22
  • KD33
  • KD44
  • KD88
  • KD130
  • KD165
  • KD200
  • KD220
  • KD250

275kVA to 770kVA
Industrial Generator Sets

  • KV275C2
  • KV350C2
  • KV400C2
  • KV440C2
  • KV500C2
  • KV550C2 
  • KV650C2
  • KV715C2
  • KV770C2

800kVA to 1500kVA
Industrial Generator Sets

  • KD800-E
  • KD900-E
  • KD1000-E
  • KD1250-E
  • KD1400-E
  • KD1500-E
  • KD1000-E ISO20 – Soundproofing Canopy
  • KD1250-E ISO20 – Soundproofing Canopy

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* Alternator overload capacity validation 2.5% x Value.
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