After we complete the professional installation of an industrial generator in Toowoomba, you’ll not only enjoy reliable power generation but ongoing support from our mechanics. Even though we’ll do an excellent job of finding the right one, we can all agree that industrial sites have extreme energy needs.  The equipment and machinery used on these sites are built to be tough but it doesn’t mean they won’t need generator servicing now and then. This not only ensures that the lifespan of your unit is extended but that it stays functioning at optimum levels. Keep reading and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about service requirements and more.

When should a generator be serviced?

Industrial generators are giant machines that have to produce large amounts of power. They’re made of many moving parts that have to generate kinetic energy to deliver the electricity you need on your site. Kinetic energy is made by parts moving against or in sync with one another and that means the parts in your generator are constantly in motion. Once you understand more about how a generator works, you’ll understand why the parts inside it can experience wear and tear. When it comes to how often you’ll need servicing it can depend on a number of things. Servicing can be required in the hotter months, at regular intervals for function checks and sometimes when you spot signs of irregularity or fault. The most common reason for the maintenance is when one of our clients spots something that is out of the regular. These are often signs that your generator needs a service, and, in some cases, it may be time for serious repairs. We’ve listed some of them below.

5 signs that your industrial generator needs servicing

Industrial generators are ultimately engines and run much like them too. When you have issues starting up your car engine, that is immediate cause for concern and the same applies to your industrial generator. Any other inconsistencies in your generator’s performance like frequent or sudden shutdowns in the middle of usage are a sign that you need licensed generator repairs or otherwise.

Whether we like it or not, industrial generators are only meant to function for a certain amount of time. That does not mean that this time is limited but only that it will eventually come. Different units have different capacity for a maximum number of hours for which it is able to operate. When you’ve reached that threshold, then a breakdown is expected. Give us a call and we can decide on whether repairs or a complete disconnection is required. We’ll also consult about how to best disconnect an industrial generator based on your unique installation.

No matter what fuel type your generator runs on, there should never be excessive leaks around your unit. This is a sign that is easy to spot because fuel puddles are thick, glossy in appearance and very noticeable. This is usually a sign that you need maintenance. Fuel leaks will impact how efficiently your generator functions and it means you’ll have to supplement the loss with additional purchases.

Excessive smoke or even flashes of spurting flames are a major concern and should be addressed immediately. Start by switching off your generator and then give us a call to come and deal with the fault at hand. Smoke can be a sign of many possible issues including an oil leak. Smoke is also a dangerous sign that ignition can take place.

If you’ve invested in a monitoring system, then it will alert you of any faults that need servicing. The device will show that it is time for servicing with fault codes or flashing lights on the control panel or the remote monitor system. These modern detection applications can alert you of any of the following and much more:

What kind of maintenance does a generator need?

The use of generators in Toowoomba must follow certain government guidelines. You may need servicing that takes a few hours or a few days to complete based on the size of your machine, its age and manufacturer requirements. Another important factor is how much it’s used for your operations. If your generator is the primary source of your power, you’ll use it much more often than properties that use generators for emergencies only. This is often why we’ll establish a generator servicing plan for our clients. A proper generator servicing will include regular inspection and testing of your backup generator. This will then be followed by repairs, replacements and installation of parts that are necessary to give your generator a fresh start. All of this will result in a generator that doesn’t crash on start-up and that will be quicker to repair for emergencies and other servicing appointments. A basic servicing performed by a qualified electrician from Reactive Generators will include:

We can help you with the professional installation of a brand-new industrial generator and offer regular, scheduled maintenance for your existing one. Call us on (07) 3710 8212 or drop us a mail at We also offer modern generator solutions to upgrade your old unit to something more efficient. Give us a call and we can explore all your options for premium power solutions.