Industrial Portable Generator for Construction Sites

Accessing a mains supply of power is not always a feasible option on a construction site. The access to electricity may also shift throughout the project, with significant disruptions at certain times. While utility power may not always be accessible, new advancements in construction equipment and tools mean the sites are often unable to function without it. To navigate your temporary power needs, Reactive Generators highly recommends a portable industrial generator. This unit will instantaneously provide the power required to service your site, consequently minimizing the disruption to daily operation.

The most appropriate generator will depend on the size of the project, intended application and length of the intended usage. Reactive Generators works individually with clients to establish their needs and guide them through the generator selection process. This collaborative approach ensures the unit will provide adequate power and will facilitate a smooth response during unexpected outages. The benefits of using a portable industrial generator on your construction site are as follows:

Power Outages

Power outages are a relatively common occurrence in many regions, especially those with a high concentration of construction. Sometimes these outages are planned for the safety of construction workers when they are executing specific tasks. Other cases are more unpredictable, meaning planning around the interruption can be difficult or near impossible. To avoid disruptions during these events, Reactive Generators highly recommends a portable industrial generator. With a back-up unit on standby, you can simply and efficiently respond to both planned and unplanned outages.

Ample Power

Industrial portable generators come in a variety of sizes. This extensive range caters to all types of electrical requirements, from powering small tools to generator servicing an entire construction site. You can select a generator that matches your needs and ensures you always have access to enough power. It is essential to consider the intended application of the unit before making the purchase. These considerations can include:

• How much equipment do you expect will be used at one time?
• How many trailers need power?
• How often do you expect power outages to occur?
• How long will these outages typically last for?

Reactive Generators works with our clients to establish their needs before recommending the most suitable unit. With our knowledge and guidance, your generator will provide ample power to service your site.


The value of an industrial portable generator exponentially increases in the event of an emergency. Whether it is a natural disaster or extreme weather conditions, these units will ensure your construction site has access to the power needed to continue running. As these situations are often unpredictable and are typically unavoidable, planning and scheduling work to avoid the emergency is usually not feasible. With a portable industrial generator, you won’t need to make last-minute arrangements or halt your work.

Cost Effective

Portable generators are a cost-effective option to power a construction site. The price of the unit is quickly redeemed when servicing large venues, as the accumulative cost of a mains electrical supply quickly adds up. These cost efficiencies are even more relevant for rented generators, as the outright price is much lower than purchasing a new unit. We recommend renting a generator if your project is short or is just a one-off.


The range of portable generators extends between just power potential. The diverse variety of units caters to all types of circumstances, taking into consideration factors such as noise, space and look. With access to such a wide range of industrial portable generators, you can pick a unit that meets your specific needs. The flexibility of this process can cater to your budget, project style and duration.


The portable nature of industrial generators means these units can be transported around the building site to service different areas, at different times. This movable quality is particularly relevant for construction companies that regularly move between various locations. Using a portable generator means you can transport it between each project, allowing for flexibility and ongoing usage potential.

Professional Maintenance and Help

Renting or purchasing an industrial portable generator from a professional service such as Reactive Generators will ensure you have access to appropriate maintenance and technical support. We can guide you through the purchase and generator installation process, as well as providing any required generator repairs or services. Using only genuine spare parts and drawing on our extensive experience in the industry, we offer a comprehensive range of services that will maximise the unit’s efficiency and capitalise on its expected lifespan, without voiding the warranty. Such a professional and tailored approach gives you the peace of mind that your generator will fulfil its purpose when required.

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