Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)

Generator AVR stands for the Automatic Voltage Regulator, it is an electronic device that automatically maintains the electrical output of your generator at a set value or level.

Reactive Generator’s team of experts can easily and quickly install an AVR so that it is able to manage the output as the generator load or operating temperature changes. The AVR also forms part of the alternator’s system. Normally, you can find the AVR in a couple of common places in the system. The AVR will either be installed in the main control box, the alternator’s terminal box and or somewhere near the alternator’s cover.

The AVR controls output by sensing the slightest voltage change from generator terminals and comparing it to a stable reference. It will then adjust the field current by increasing or decreasing the current flow to an exciter stator. It is very important for generator owners who wish to maintain a set voltage value because it will regulate and maintain it.

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