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Reactive Generators provide generator installation and commissioning services for commercial and industrial sectors across Brisbane and Australia. No matter the size or type of system you need installed, our experienced team will carry out the job in a professional, time-efficient and unobtrusive manner.

Power system & generator installation are not as easy as most people think. They are complex pieces of machinery that, if mishandled, can pose a safety risk to people. Hiring a professional and fully licensed team of technicians is the only way to ensure that every step of the installation process will be carried out properly, ensuring your system is set-up to succeed for the long-term

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Additional services we offer

Generator Installation

When installing a new generator for your Brisbane or Queensland business or project, we follow a tested process to ensure the best results.

Reactive Generators offers a comprehensive, in-house installation team, meaning you won’t need to divide the generator installation into smaller projects for individual tradesmen, such as engineers and electricians.

Our knowledgeable team can help locate a suitable area to connect the generator that is:

  • Code compliant
  • Accessible for maintenance
  • Away from windows, doors and in compliance with diesel emission laws
  • Away or safe guarded from water sources, waste and utility access points
  • Compliant with any locally-specific company, state or national regulations

After gaining the necessary approvals and securing the generator in place, Reactive Generators can connect the unit to an external bulk fuel source if required and connect any automatic or remote switching needs. We will then check the fluids and fuel levels, to ensure that your generator is ready for use immediately and upon approval confirm operation of the power supply.

Design & Engineering

Power Systems and Generators are a fundamental resource for many business, commercial, production and industrial operations. Some systems are used as the primary source of power, while others remain on standby for emergencies or one-off events. The type of power system and generator suitable for each situation is highly dependent on how it will be used. Choosing a power system and generator that is too small will ensure that heavy-duty items or essential appliances may not operate to their full capacity. Overloading a generator may also deteriorate the expected lifespan, damage nearby devices or ruin the unit. Conversely, opting for a generator that is too big will incur unnecessary costs for purchase, installation, fuel maintenance and repairs.

Recognising the diverse nature of generator usage, Reactive Generators offers a design and engineering services. We work with our clients to establish their needs, goals and budget before customising a relevant generator or system. This process will ensure that every client is provided with a high-quality, long-lasting, reliable and suitable unit. 

We have the experience, staff and resources to deliver your project on-time, on-budget and to your exact requirements. Reactive Generators are committed to creating the perfect Power System for you.

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UPS Service & Installation

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is equipment that supplies electrical power in an emergency when there is a problem with the normal supply of electricity. They provide an almost instantaneous supply of electricity during any power outage.

UPS batteries are lead-acid batteries that use sulphuric acid gel instead of sulphuric acid liquid batteries like car batteries. They have a wide range of dimensions and one of their key characteristics is that they do not leak or emit fumes. This is one of the most important reasons why they are used safely in residences, server rooms, data centres, manufacturing environments, hospitals, workplaces and other poorly ventilated areas. These sealed lead-acid batteries can be found in certain electronics stores or UPS specialised stores.

We know how severe the conditions of Queensland can be. High humidity, occasional tropical storms and drying temperatures all affect our equipment. Poorly maintained machines, especially a UPS will not last long under these conditions. There are many advantages to regular UPS service for your equipment, such as improved performance and better power filtration.

AVR Sales & Installation

Reactive Generators supplies and installs Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs) for industrial generators throughout Brisbane and Queensland.

Generator AVRs maintain the electrical output of your generator at a set value or level. Correct installation and maintenance of AVRs helps to manage the voltage that is being sent to connected electronics and devices. Generators produce energy at an inconsistent rate, which is why installing an AVR is essential to ensuring nothing receives too much (or too little) output voltage.

Reactive Generators’ Brisbane team of generator experts help you identify and install the most applicable type of AVR for your business’ needs. From analog to phase-sensed AVR, our range of voltage regulators ensures your business has the perfect AVR installed in your custom generator solution. Our quick and easy AVR installation ensures your generator will be able to safely manage output voltage, no matter the generator load or operating temperature change.

Reactive Generators’ Professional Generator Installation and Commissioning Services

Reactive Generators are leaders in delivering a complete turn-key process, covering industrial generator design, engineering, project management, installation, commissioning, and finally, servicing and maintenance work.

Regular preventative maintenance is the key to ensuring a healthy generator over a long period of time. Doing so will cut down your system’s productivity costs, and increase its overall efficiency for your business or project.

Book in your generator’s next servicing and maintenance inspection with Reactive Generators – contact our team on 07 3710 8212 today.

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