On-site Power Analysis & Monitoring

Committed to evaluating your on-site power usage

We provide detailed and accurate on-site power analysis tools and resources for Queensland businesses to further optimise their power output.

Our experienced team performs on-site power analysis inspections and reports for businesses in civil construction, government procurement and large enterprise industries. With our help, you will have the information and possible solutions needed to maximise your energy efficiency or install new generators that will help operations for the long term.

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Asset Assessment

To ensure your generator is dependable and will endure the test of time, Reactive Generators offers generator lifespan assessments for commercial and industrial businesses throughout Queensland. This comprehensive evaluation will ensure you can mitigate any potential issues before they arise and or contribute to asset upgrade decisions.

Breakdowns, unexpected repairs or inefficient operation of a generator can create unnecessary costs, delays and significant interruptions. Conducting a generator lifespan assessment, Reactive Generators can accurately predict when components are due for replacement, schedule any relevant shutdown maintenance periods and ensure the machine is fit for use at any given time or replacement.

The Generator Lifespan Assessment considers control system complexity, aged component availability, environmental demand and changes as well as operational, tolerance and inspection data, such as infrared imagery and borescope evidence.

Thermal Imagery

Thermal Imaging is one of the most effective preventive electrical maintenance measures for your business. This method of electrical inspection will immediately identify hazardous areas in electrical switchboards, appliances, machinery and wiring that could potentially cause equipment failure or fire. Electrical Thermal Imaging senses variations in the temperature of electrical components in switchboards and electrical infrastructure.

It operates by using a specialised infrared camera to assess the heat in the wiring of electrical components and connections. The thermal camera produces a heat image that gives our electricians an immediate picture of how the systems operate and of any area of high resistance across the connection, which can lead to excessive heat and potential failure, or in extreme cases to fire. Changes in heat are reflected by the colour scale of the thermographic image.

For detailed and meticulous thermal imagery, get in touch with the experts at Reactive Generators.

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Power System & Generator Remote Monitoring

Through a comprehensive and thorough evaluation process, we:

  • Setup and monitor your power, generally for a minimum of one week on your switchboard or a particular asset/s if desired
  • Analyse logged information and recognise any on-compliance data
  • Assess external factors and influences
  • Set up a report on power quality and usage
  • Formulate and implement a comprehensive, cost-effective approach to save power, repair or modify assets and or make the addition of a new generator
  • We will examine the voltage, current, frequency and trends of electrical systems to identify mechanical issues or component wear in equipment in your building or site

During our on-site power analysis, we generally monitor the data for a week and assess the usage. Then, we find trends in energy consumption or monitor wear by plotting power measurements over time. By testing power variables, you can visualise asset health and gain insight into reliability strategies.

Finally, we finish our audit and recommend any changes or what equipment you need to repair, modify or purchase depending on your power usage.

On-site Power Analysis with Reactive Generators

You can never be too sure about your business’ current power output. Reactive Generators is based in Brisbane and provides Queensland businesses with a range of generator services as part of our complete turn-key Installation process.

Our on-site power analysis process will identify the best approach for your business’s future electricity generation plans, so you can appropriately plan for any upcoming projects. If our analysis outlines any potential changes or modifications, know that we have the capabilities to carry out these solutions ourselves.

For end-to-end expert power analysis services in Brisbane and Queensland, contact our team today on 07 3710 8212.

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