Generator Servicing & Preventative Maintenance

Reactive Generators provide expert onsite diesel generator servicing and maintenance work for Australian industrial and commercial businesses. Our team is fully qualified in delivering reliable generator servicing for our clients in civil construction, government procurement, and large enterprise.

No matter the make or model of generator you have, our team is capable of applying key preventative maintenance work to ensure your system’s longevity and consistent productivity.

Our servicing applications can include:

  • Hourly/run-time generator servicing
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual generator servicing
  • Single or multiple generator servicing
  • Industrial and commercial generator servicing
  • Agriculture generator servicing
  • Construction and project generator servicing
  • Data centre generator servicing
  • Hospital and medical generator servicing
  • Highrise and apartment generator servicing
  • Operational plant generator servicing
  • Heavy duty generator servicing
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Additional services we offer

Generator Service Contracts, Plans & Agreements

Reactive Generators is a team of qualified industrial power experts that aim to deliver full-service reliability. We’re always on standby to assist with the entire journey of your next industrial and commercially fitted generators and we mean it. From our initial consultation to the very end of your generator’s life span (where you’ll need generator disconnection servicing), we will be there for your power needs.

We also offer all the critical servicing work that is required in between, and this consists of expert servicing and maintenance work. The best way to carry out the work required for your generator’s essential maintenance is to establish a Service Contract, Plan and or Agreement. Keeping up with all the servicing your requirements can be tedious, and this is especially difficult in high-pressure environments like industrial and commercial workspaces.

Independent Load Testing

Reactive Generators offers fully independent generator performance load testing tailored to suit your site’s manufacturers ratings, from 1kW all the way up to 3000kW. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals use only quality equipment, calibrated load banks and proven testing procedures to provide an all-inclusive independent generator load testing service. We recommend annual testing for most standby/emergency generators and after any low loading situations for prime power generators.

Whether a generator is used every single hour of the week or remains on standby for emergencies, the machine’s reliability and efficiency are fundamental. Ongoing maintenance and servicing are the simplest and most cost-effective way to ensure your unit is ready when needed the most. Generator load testing is one of the most important steps in maintaining a healthy system, and should be conducted by trained professionals at regular intervals.

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Industrial Diesel Generator Servicing

Just like any kind of machinery, generators need regular servicing to identify any potential defects so they can be repaired before any costly breakdowns occur. The team at Reactive Generators are fully qualified to carry out regular preventative maintenance work for generators used by Australian commercial and industrial businesses.

When undertaking our generator servicing and maintenance work, our team adheres to the highest electrical safety standards as outlined by the following Australian codes:

AS/NZS 3000 Electrical Installations (also referred to as the Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules)

AS NZS 3009-1998 Electric installations – Emergency power supplies in hospitals


AS/NZS 3010:2005 Electrical Installations – Generating sets

AS 2790:1989 Electricity generating sets – Transportable (Up to 25kW)

Generators used for commercial and industrial businesses require meticulous examination when being serviced. At Reactive Generators, we leave no stone unturned when carrying out maintenance work on your external power systems. We also provide our services to all commercial industries, with specific knowledge on how to best maintain generators for certain sectors.

Power System & Generator Remote Monitoring

To ensure your generator is ready to start when needed, regardless of where you are, Reactive Generators offers a complete remote monitoring service. Maintaining online or signalling access to your unit will allow you to monitor and interface with your generator and load transfer system 24/7, without needing to be on-site.

Reactive Generators’ remote monitor services can allow you to review the basic condition of your unit, without needing to visit the site. This overview provides insight into oil pressure, engine temperature, battery voltage, power output, potential mains failure, frequency, fuel levels, engine run time and more. This data is easily transferable, to ensure you can efficiently and effectively address any issues but is also dependent on your generator’s available or desired outputs.

Using a Reactive Generators remote monitoring system, you can potentially start and stop your generator or initiate a load transfer from any location. Reducing the number of expensive on-site service visits, you can acknowledge any generated alarms and be prepared to efficiently address the areas of concern should a site visit be deemed necessary due to a critical alarm.

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Generator Servicing and Maintenance

Reactive Generators are leaders in delivering a complete turn-key process, covering commercial and industrial generator design, engineering, project management, installation, commissioning, and finally, servicing and maintenance work.

Regular preventative maintenance is the key to ensuring a healthy generator over a long period of time. Doing so will cut down your system’s productivity costs, and increase its overall efficiency for your business or project.

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