Commissioning & Site Transfer Testing

Dedicated to ensuring you're emergency ready

Reactive Generators offers complete site Load Transfer System and Automatic Transfer Switch commissioning and testing! This ensures your emergency power system is dependable and the power is efficiently transferred when you need it. Our skilled technicians use the latest equipment and testing processes to ensure reliable and safe switching of your power system.

Reactive Generators - Commissioning & Site Transfer Testing across Queensland

Why you need Site Transfer Testing

Generators are often used in situations of emergency, which means your machine can be used at unexpected times or at short notice. Failing to test or commission your Automatic Transfer Switch or site Load Transfer System properly can reuslt in downtime, operational loss or even equipment damage at critical times. 

Performing regular testing of your site Load Transfer System and or Automatic Transfer Switch is the optimal way to identify and address any issues before a situation arises. Scheduling regular tests with Reactive Generators will give you the peace of mind that your property and generator are working cohesively.

Our Process

When a building Load Transfer System and or Automatic Transfer Switch test is held, the connection between a generator and a site is assessed. Reactive Generators employ skilled and experienced technicians to conduct this process in the safest and least intrusive way possible. One of our professional staff members will run specific checks and measurements between the two. Any differences in parameters identified will highlight a potential transmission issue, which can be addressed for rectification by our technicians.

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Need a new Automatic Transfer Switch or Load Transfer System?

Reactive Generators stocks many makes and models of Automatic Transfer Switches and Load Transfer System components. We can design, engineer and install it all for you!

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