Industrial Alternators

Mecc Alte’s extensive experience in the power generation industry as well as diligent studies and thorough research has led to the development of the ECO and ECP alternator range.

They are available either as a single bearing or as a twin bearing with a double support. In order to couple them to diesel generator engine, it is possible to choose among a wide range of flanges and couplings.

All industrial alternators Mecc Alte manufacture consist of a fixed stator with skewed slots and a rotating inductor fitted. In addition, models above 15kVA are fitted with a damper cage as standard. All alternator windings have a 2/3rd pitch in order to reduce harmonic content.


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ECO38C 4 Pole (kVA range: 86–420)

ECO40C 4 Pole (kVA range: 400–900)

ECO43A 4 Pole (kVA range: 820–1700)

Phase: 3 Phase

ECO46A 4 Pole (kVA range: 1500–3410)

Phase: 3 Phase

ECP28C 2 Pole (kVA range: 22–48)

Phase: 3 Phase

ECP28C 4 Pole (kVA range: 4.5–36)

ECP3 2 Pole (kVA range: 8–24)

ECP30C 4 Pole (kVA range: 13.5–48)

ECP32C 2 Pole (kVA range: 44–98.5)

Phase: 3 Phase

ECP32C 4 Pole (kVA range: 23–100)

ECP34A 2 Pole (kVA range: 100–208)

Phase: 3 Phase

ECP34C 4 Pole (kVA range: 58–198)

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