The process of generator connection and installation requires a lot of hard decision-making. Generators come in many shapes and sizes, but they can also be manufactured by many different companies. It is essential to choose the brand that is best suited to your needs. This part of the equation is critically important for industrial applications because the power generation needs here are very complicated. The right generator brand can offer you all the requirements you need for large-scale emergency backup use for running essential industrial equipment and machinery. Each brand comes with its own benefits, and we’ve put together a list of the best generator brands to suit your power usage requirements.

What is the best generator brand for industrial applications?

There are a number of popular brands for industrial generators in Australia. Some of the manufacturers that will be mentioned below can easily build units of up to 700kVa or more. These are usually for larger-scale industrial purposes used for backup/standby power where a power supply is essential. You should research the best brands for your unique installation whether you need a generator for a construction site or a resort, these are two different properties that need power generation for different reasons. There are a couple of features to look out for in a generator and they include brand reputation, specialization, and versatility. The brand you choose will need to suit your specifications, but you should also consider your requirements. The brand that you choose also depends on your budget, operational noise output, uninterrupted run-time, and overall performance. There are specific features unique to each brand and that will decide what is best for you:

The best generator brands

Perkins standby generators are a well-known name for diesel generators in Brisbane’s industrial market and the brand name has proven itself to be very effective. Perkins’s generators are flexible enough to meet the needs of any commercial and industrial requirements and the range of diesel units brings added benefits. Perkins has a capacity of up to 2250kVA for commercial & industrial needs in Brisbane.


Generac industrial generators are built to last and they are known for this because they can easily survive extreme weather conditions and run-on liquid propane, which is more efficient than petrol or diesel and requires less maintenance. Generac is known across the country for having rigorous run times and very lengthy lifespans which make them the perfect application for industrial properties. They are also best for industrial properties because they thrive in rural areas where there may not be consistent access to power. They can also help with regulatory requirements linked to noise level outputs.

Cummins is another well-known brand across the country for industrial uses. Cummins is a global brand that is recognized for its capability to manufacture some of the most silent models on the market. While other industrial generators can offer their own benefits, they cannot match the brand’s sound level capabilities. Certain parts of Brisbane, and the greater Queensland area, are considered as havens of peace and quiet away from urban noise and are places where the natural environment should be heard. This is typically the case for the more rural areas, and this is exactly where many industrial locations are located. Therefore, there are strict rules to be followed about the artificial noises made on your property from sources like generators because they shouldn’t disturb other people’s enjoyment of the area. Cummins generators have sound levels that have been known to be as low as 62 decibels which can be highly advantageous for industrial use because it keeps owners in compliance with local noise permittance regulations.

Professional generator installations and connections 

The choice of which brand of generator is completely up to you and your unique needs. While we’ve titled this guide as “choosing the best generator brand”, the characteristics of what defines the best is completely up to you. Choose a brand that is best suited to your needs and maybe that means seeking more advice than relying on what the most popular across the country. If you are considering the connection of your new industrial generator in the Queensland area for any reason, we are ready to help in assessing your options. Our professional team of generator experts has been working in the area for many decades and are pros for hardy industrial units. We have successfully installed and connected individual generators of all sizes. Reactive Generators is available for a range of generator services in Brisbane, the Gold CoastSunshine Coast , and Ipswich.