Construction site generators are usually large and complicated units of equipment. The installation of construction site generators usually requires a crane or forklift just to bring them on site. Like other industrial-sized generators, these units are typically stationary for long durations before being moved, maybe from one construction site to the next one at the end of a new project. This means that many construction site managers need to rely on generators that are sturdy and built to last. There is a lot that goes into choosing the right generator for your unique needs and we get into some of them below.

What is a construction site generator?

Construction site generators are typically large stationary diesel generators that operate on 3-phase power. You must purchase a 3-phase power generator for construction work because it can generate more electricity and more efficiently for the unique constraints on the property. Single-phase generators only use one wire to regulate load, but 3-phase operates on three wires which essentially means extra loads can be added. This makes 3-phase generators well-suited to jobs that require delivery of larger power loads. This is only one basic explanation of how a generator works but there is a lot more involved. However, the equipment and heavy machinery used on construction sites are exactly the tools that need large power loads to work consistently. These tools can’t just be plugged into any power source, but a 3-phase power generator is a perfect option to do so.

Do I need primary power or standby power?

Industrial generators for prime power supply are best for situations where main power grid power is unavailable, like on construction sites that are in very remote areas. Standby power is only sufficient for emergency power supply for a limited period during power outages. If you know that you always need a constant supply of power independent from the grid, then prime power solutions are what you need. Industrial businesses that are only planning short-lived or temporary durations of operations should consider standby options.

The installation of construction site generators used for prime power is best suited for places where access to national grid power isn’t available. Continuous units are designed to run continuously with a constant load. On the other hand, prime power generators can work for extended periods, but these units will do so with a variable load. Here are a couple of signs that you need primary power equipment:

  1. If you’re construction site is in a remote area
  2. If you run several construction projects during the year

Construction sites that are connected to the grid and only need a supply of emergency power for a limited period, such as during outages, are best suited for standby power equipment.

  1. If you already have mains access but require emergency power in blackouts
  2. You only need a generator for infrequent special projects

Diesel vs Petrol generators

Diesel and petrol generators offer their benefits, but they can be useful for different reasons. Diesel generators aren’t the cheapest but there’s a reason they cost that much. They offer more efficient operation and are able to do so at lower temperatures for longer periods of time.

That means that they are perfect for heavy industrial use where power demands are high. Petrol generators are known for being quieter and cheaper to buy than diesel units and may come with additional features to improve efficiency. That makes them a better fit for construction site managers that need infrequent or smaller-scale use.

Why do construction sites need generators?

It’s important to understand that generators are needed on many of Australia’s construction sites. Many construction sites across Australia are based in remote areas that are very far from national power grid lines. They still need high volumes of power because they use exceptionally large and cumbersome equipment and machinery. Even construction sites that do have access to national power grid lines, cannot rely on it to always supply the required power continuously. These are only some reasons why your construction site needs a generator. Providing units and generator servicing in Brisbane and Queensland are very common because there is a huge need for sites to generate the much-needed electricity supply.

Professional construction site generator installation 

We’re dedicated to helping you choose the best construction generator installation for your unique needs. You will spend a considerable amount of your budget on the installation of a generator for your construction site. It would be pointless to waste that money on an unqualified technician who will carry out imperfect work. A professional is sure to maintain its performance and quality. Save yourself precious time and money by giving us a call on (07) 3710 8212, and we’ll install and maintain your generator. Reactive Generators has been handling this and all other generator servicing needs in Brisbane for over half a century now. Reactive Generators is available in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Ipswich.