Industrial generators, like any other large mechanical device, will face some degree of operational fault and degradation over their lifespan. Even the most reliable industrial generators in Brisbane can develop issues every now and then. The team here at Reactive Generators has been an industry leader for many decades now and we’ve seen all varieties of generator problems, and there hasn’t been a generator-related issue that we haven’t been able to figure out. Apart from our expert generator repairs and servicing capability, we also know that some common faults are likely to affect any one of our clients at some stage or another. We’ll share some of the typical generator repairs that we commonly carry out for customers in the region below to help keep you informed but please note that generators can malfunction for many reasons and some of them are out of your control. The purpose of this informative guide is to help you prepare for the inevitable as someone operating in the industrial environment.

5 most common industrial generator repair issues 

Power failures, and the power surges that come with them, are a normal occurrence across the country and they can negatively affect your generator in more ways than you realise. Surges are perfectly capable of damaging important generator parts and slowing down their function. Give us a call and we can discuss surge-resistant parts to help with mitigating the risk that comes with these issues.

Generator controllers are also a high-impact point for repairs and that is easy to understand when you know what control systems are for. They are electronic systems used to monitor generators in terms of voltage, current, temperature, oil levels and so much more. Due to electronic elements, controllers are known to malfunction now and then and this could damage the automatic starter or other parts of the unit. Controller repairs and resets are another one of the tasks we usually perform for our industrial generator solutions.

More often than not, oil and other leaks are really just a result of wet stacking in the engine. This is the build-up of particles or condensed water that occurs in high-usage environments like generators used to power events. Leaks can be prevented with routine maintenance which is a critical aspect of the longevity of your industrial generator.

Your automatic transfer switch plays a key role in the starting up of the unit and any faults in this regard can often be traced back to it. Clients who call us with this concern usually complain about the generator failing to start even during an outage. Our first plan of action in response to this is to check the automatic transfer switch. We strongly advise against any attempts to manually operate an automatic transfer switch if you do not know how to do so properly. These are dangerous materials to work with and can lead to some degree of injury if handled by anyone other than a professional. 

Fuel failures can often be traced back to the tank where it is stored. It is issues with safe storage practise that usually lead to failures and that is why this is also one of the top common causes of generator repair. Failure is likely to occur where contamination inside the tank occurs. If your tank is not tightly sealed, monitored and serviced, algae, bacteria, and sediments get sucked into the system and they can cause diminished performance and block fuel lines.

Generator maintenance can mitigate repair risks

This guide’s bonus tip, like with many of our other blogs, is that the other reason for repairs is a lack of maintenance when it is required. Regular maintenance helps uncover minor problems before they cause major disruptions, and it is important to establish a schedule with your local expert. You will also need regular maintenance if your generator is under heavy use. The work we’ll do towards testing and performing replacements can help protect your system from critical component failure and ensure that you don’t void the warranty. Reactive Generators specialises in generator repairs and other generator-related services in the Gold Coast, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast and beyond.