Installing a backup power solution may be one of the best decisions you make. That’s because it can be an excellent safeguard against power outages from typical Australian storms or accidents that affect the national power grid. Commercial and industrial property owners will benefit the most from them because you will be able to power your entire operation seconds after a power outage. Generators will simplify your life, but there is nothing simple about their installation. Use a trusted contractor to enjoy the professional installation and the benefits of generator servicing in Brisbane afterwards. We’ve put together some informative points about the importance of using a professional for your industrial generator installation, and you can explore them below…

Why should you use a trusted professional? 

Generator installation isn’t a minor cosmetic improvement project; it is actually a major electrical renovation of any property. You must choose a reliable and trustworthy contractor to install your generator and put in the time to research the ones near to you. Try to dedicate an hour to check online reviews, verify licensing for operation in Queensland and ask about their insurance and warranty policies. It is a clever idea to choose a full-service generator company because they will take everything into account, even beyond the point of installation. That means they can offer a wide range of generator services for your industrial property and provide work on a repeat basis instead of a one-off project that may leave customers stranded.

A full-service operator will also help you in selecting the best generator for your unique needs. That can include a detailed explanation of the difference between petrol and diesel. Depending on the type of fuel you pick for the operation of your generator, a licensed professional may be required, by law, to do the job.

Things that can go wrong with unprofessional generator installation

You could also choose to use an improperly qualified technician to do the job, but this will come with some consequences. You may not see them straight away, but eventually, the cracks will begin to show, and you will be left with the bill. A professional is a MUST for industrial generators because operating them in demanding environments is not a simple one-step function. Unfortunately for all of us industrial operators, generators are known to malfunction for any number of reasons, and these could be exacerbated by unprofessional installation.

A botched installation job can lead to an engine that doesn’t operate at optimum capacity, putting additional strain on fuel and coolant systems. The additional strain can lead to leaks, and they are more likely to happen without proper maintenance. Oil leaks are a special case because leaks often result from wet stacking, and this requires that you use an expert who can spot them straight away. Wet stacking is un-burned fuel, oil, and condensed water build-up passing into the exhaust system.

The leaks mentioned above, precisely that of coolant, is the leading cause for this common issue. Many industrial generators are equipped with alarms for malfunctions in the system, including low coolant levels. Low coolant levels can cause generator failure if not handled by a pro.

Professionally installed generators will be connected very precisely to your property. All you have to do is use a licensed professional, and you can avoid incorrectly connecting your system because this could lead to a short. They are most clued up on the latest regulations and techniques to oversee the process and attend to every detail that needs to be applied for a fully functional system.

Benefits of hiring a professional for your generator installation 

Get expert advice about sizing

Many industrial property managers will go out and purchase a generator for installation without understanding the technicalities. An oversized generator is likely to overload, leading to many expensive results like permanent damage to your wiring and equipment. Generators that are too small will also cost you because they won’t provide an adequate power supply. The best thing to do is speak to a professional who can assess your property and its needs and offers the best answer.

Your installation will follow national guidelines 

Commercial and industrial properties have stricter rules when it comes to the installation of generators. There are noise and environmental considerations that unlicensed or unprofessional technicians may not be aware of. The installation also has to meet the very stringent Australian Standards for electrical safety, and they include very technical regulations like:

What is backfeeding?

Backfeeding is something that happens when your generator is connected to your property’s wiring system without the complete disconnection from the national power grid. This results in the feeding of power back into the electrical system during a power outage, which will power the transformer. According to Electrical Safety laws, this will create an electrocution hazard for the grid and those on the premises. There are also consequences for your generator – if power is restored while your generator is backfeeding, there will be extensive damage to the unit. The only way to avoid backfeeding is by always keeping the generator power and grid power separate from one another and not flowing simultaneously.

Professional installation needs professional maintenance  

You will spend a considerable amount of your budget on the installation, and it would be pointless to waste that money on an unqualified technician. A professional is sure to maintain its performance and quality. Save yourself precious time and money by giving us a call on (07) 3710 8212, and we’ll install and maintain your generator. We can offer more information about our generators, maintenance, installation, or site inspections. We would again like to emphasise that a PROFESSIONAL is the best person to handle this and all other generator servicing needs in Brisbane. This isn’t just because it’s safer; it’s also because the law requires it, and it’s all for your benefit. Reactive Generators is available in Brisbane, the Gold CoastSunshine Coast and Ipswich.