The decision to permanently install an industrial generator isn’t an easy one but it may be one of the best ones you ever make. That’s because it isn’t exactly a cheap investment, and it will change your power generation capability in a big way. Some of our main sector application clients have never had to experience a complete blackout because our reliable generator services in Brisbane have safeguarded their entire property in a highly efficient way. Whether you need a generator for standby or prime reasons, and regardless of the commercial/industrial sector you need them in, the installation process is a multi-step journey. It is important to understand the entire process and so we want to give you a brief guide about what you can expect…

Industrial generator installation and how it works

If you’re dealing with someone inexperienced, then this process may take longer than it should. But Reactive generators has been expertly installing generators for well over 50 years now and we know that this process can be done simply and quickly. All it takes is the knowledge, skills, and handiwork to manage the process properly and you can expect completion time in less than a day. It is everything else in the process of procuring your unit which may take longer than you anticipated but we’ll explore that below.

Factors that impact how long installation takes

There are many considerations that you have to take into account before your generator can be installed. From the brand, model, fuel type and even the safety considerations that affect where it should be positioned on site. Some of them include the following:

Just the approval process for generator connection follows strict government guidelines. That means that the generator operator you choose is a licensed, reputable supplier who also adheres to strict standards in the installation of their products. While you may only be concerned with the price of the services, you need to be more focused on verifying the quality of the service. You can also take the time to establish the products that are best for your needs and which local provider is more than equipped to deliver them.

You will also need to check in with local authorities to see if there are regulations to follow for the installation of an industrial generator on your premises. The most typical considerations focus on external factors like the fuel source, or the ongoing power servicing required. You also need to ensure that your premises are primed for the arrival and installation of a large unit. That means sizing concerns, the usage and subsequent connection required and how much generator power you’ll need. It is also necessary that you ensure that the generator complies with local regulations – codes, industry standards, and technical requirements such as noise limits and otherwise.

Steps to install your industrial generator 

The main configurations of your generator will affect the time required for the official installation process. It would be a good idea to familiarise yourself with the 3 main types of generators before consulting further. Once you’ve made this and many other agreements towards purchasing your generator, your installer will do the work to prepare for the process. Other steps are broadly explained below…

Consultation process: All the research you do is highly important, but you’ll still need to consult with an expert that can help you explore your options. Call one of our experts and we can give you advice backed by our multi-decade experience. Reactive Generators are authorized to install and maintain the unit. We’ll get a deeper understanding of what your power needs are, look at your current electrical setup, and make professional recommendations based on your expectations and the products available.

Approvals and council certification: You will then have to apply for all the relevant permits for the use of an industrial generator on your premises and this is where most of the wait time lies. Apart from waiting for permit approvals, you’ll also have to wait on the shipment or delivery of your chosen unit. Many of our customers go for products that are customized with features that assist in their usage. And this can delay things because these units aren’t stock models freely available in a storehouse somewhere.

On-site preparation: Once the delivery date is confirmed for your generator, the installer will have to do the work of preparing your premises for the placement of your unit. This can include the installation of a concrete pad to sit the generator on, preparing the electrical panels for installation and doing any other site preparations necessary.

Installation and function tests: Now that you’ve got the generator and properly prepared the premises, we can get into the real work of installing it. We’ll make the critical connections and test the unit to make sure everything is operational. This includes a proper test of the basic function of the unit which may require that we shut down your power to guarantee operations. During this time, the experienced generator operator can test for fundamental function levels and if anything isn’t working as it should, they’ll do the work to help you sort that out. Whether it is calling on your manufacturer warranty or otherwise. The technician cannot leave the site without your complete satisfaction.

Reactive Generators guarantee quick and efficient installations

Our generator mechanics throughout Queensland are dedicated to being leaders in good-quality generator services. We now also offer generator service in Toowoomba. Call us for any industrial generator related concerns from the point of installation to the yearly maintenance that keeps it working for a long time. We can also help you navigate what your energy needs are and assist you in the process of finding the industrial generator you need. Sometimes the difference between a generator that lasts and one that doesn’t is a local generator expert near you that will support you throughout your power generation needs. That’s exactly what you’ll get with Reactive Generators.