Let’s face the facts, a power outage on a property where industrial work is taking place can be detrimental. It can literally put a stop to your entire property’s operations and leave your employees stunned. The average Australian might take a power outage for granted but you’re the owner or manager of an industrial property and you know how damaging they can be to work targets and productivity. Now, you’ve got a generator and the professional generator services team here at Reactive Generator wants you to know how important it is that you keep up with regular servicing. Call us for your regular generator servicing in Brisbane. You will probably rely on your generator much more than anyone else because you are doing mass-productive, high-capacity work with high-powered equipment. You literally cannot afford an emergency and we want you to know that there are ways to avoid it.

You should be able to rely on your backup generator to kick in, and keep kicking in, when there is an outage and investing in regular maintenance will give you that extra level of security. Industrial properties face higher risks when power supply is interrupted and that’s why you should put money into servicing your industrial generator to make sure that it’s always working. To ensure prime performance and a longer lasting lifespan out of your generator, it’s essential that proper periodic maintenance is executed. The benefits of regular servicing are many but they’re an effective way to plan your generator spending without having to worry about expensive emergencies. You can work servicing appointments into your industrial property’s schedule and budget, rather than waiting for a disaster to strike. Plus, it’ll make sure that all your machinery is functioning with increased reliability and improved efficiency. Call us to help you draw up a detailed servicing schedule and plan for your industrial property.

What will happen at a generator servicing?

Generator servicing in Brisbane must follow certain government guidelines. You may need servicing that takes a few hours or a few days to complete based on the size of your machine, it’s age and manufacturer requirements. Another important factor is how much its used for your operations. If your generator is the primary source of your power, you’ll use it much more often than properties that use generators for emergency situations only. A proper generator servicing will include regular inspection and testing of your backup generator. This will then be followed by repairs, replacements and installation of parts that are necessary to give your generator a fresh start. All of this will result in a generator that doesn’t crash on start-up and that will be quicker to repair for emergencies and other servicing appointments. A basic servicing performed by a qualified electrician from Reactive Generators will include:

Another important element of industrial generator servicing is load testing. Industrial generators that are rarely used or only operate on light loads need to have this kind of servicing done often to ensure its longevity and reduce the chances of downtime. Downtime can be very expensive on an industrial property and load testing is an excellent way to avoid this. Industrial generators that are used and regularly operated on lower load capacities than full can build up fuel contaminants in parts of the engine and other systems in the generator over time, and this can leave your standby generator with reduced output capacity when it is needed. A good load test every year or every month or so, depending on your average usage, is the best way to deal with this. You need to enquire or enlist the services of a licensed industrial generator operator to handle scheduled testing. A load test in industrial powered properties will be the necessary confirmation that your standby generator will support an increased load when the occasion arises.

Why you should have your industrial generator serviced 

At Reactive Generators, we like to approach all industrial electrical work with the mindset of: “not if but when”. This is because we know the constraints that the generators on industrial property are under because they must produce huge amounts of electricity for much longer than your average generator. Issues are guaranteed to arise, but we believe that proper and frequent maintenance can stop any problems before you even know they’re there. If you invest in generator servicing in Brisbane, the results will pay off. Generator servicing on your industrial property is useful, and wise, practise to incorporate as part of your yearly due diligence for all the maintenance systems on your lot. We’ve done work for construction sites, government utility, emergency facilities and high-tech data centres. We know how damaging power outages can be, so trust us on this, invest in generator servicing today!

How much will it cost?

Regular servicing of your industrial generator will incur some upfront costs and an hourly rate if it’s during ‘unusual’ hours for service delivery in the Gold Coast. Investing in preventative measures could very well be much cheaper than the costs involved with emergency situations combined with the losses you’ll make while your business is put on hold during generator failures. We also want you to invest in maintenance because you’ll be able to keep the same generator for decades instead of paying for replacements, eliminating those huge costs, and introducing a planned approach to financing.

Reactive Generators are the local industry favourite for backup and primary power generators in Queensland and beyond. We can offer you a whole range of services from hiring an industrial generator to scheduling regular maintenance for your existing one. We’re also industrial sector specialists so we can also do plant asset consultation.

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