Queensland is home to many popular events and festivals famous across the world for unique experiences. The use of generators to power events is also very common because they are usually temporary events that run for a couple of weeks. Whatever event you are running, and for whatever reason, an industrial generator is an important tool to assist you in meeting all of your power distribution needs. Your generator can help you with the fancy light arrangements, large entertainment facilities for music or otherwise, and even for the proper function of average appliances to complete the day. The show must always go on, and a loss in the power supply can jeopardize that. Reactive Generators is more than qualified to install and maintain your event power generators with brands, sizes, and fuel tanks of all kinds. We’ll help you in the process of choosing the right power solution below to ensure your special event goes ahead without a hitch

Factors to consider when choosing an event generator

1.    Size, power, fuel, and usage concerns

The term event encompasses a wide range of things that could require the installation of prime or standby generators. You could use a generator for fairs, concerts, major sporting events, big business launches, markets, weddings, Christmas parties and so much more. Even small vendors require reliable generators in Toowoombafor the annual Carnival of Flowers. Because of how different these events are, power solutions can vary widely depending on what kind of equipment you are running. Reactive Generators offers an inventory of generators of different sizes and energy outputs,and all of these things will determine your unique application. We can also discuss mobility configurations like a road tow in order to transport your generator from site to site. You will also have to seriously consider how much power generation you require to adequately power your event.

2.    Noise levels and silent generator operation

After you’ve gone through all the trouble of coordinating, arranging and paying for everything that goes into an event, you don’t want to end up with a noise complaint due to loud generators working at full force. You will also have to consider choosing one of the quieter brands to eliminate the chances of that happening. Some of the best units give off a hum at very low decibel levels but the best models are even capable of not emitting any sound even while you are standing right next to them. This helps to keep you focused on running a high-quality event for your crowd.

3.    Renting vs buying an event generator

Events are usually things that happen on a frequent basis but for limited periods of time. Due to this, maybe event organisers may consider hiring a generator as their first thought. Generator hire is always an option, but it can be the more expensive option in some situations. We suggest investing in the dependable installation of an industrial generator because our expert engineers can customise the unit to meet your exact needs. As soon as your event is over, we can perform professional disconnection and store the unit for continued use for new upcoming events, without having to face the costs of rental each time. The cost of investing in your own generator will cover the continued costs of hiring over time and you may discover that you save money in the long term. Let us help you find the right generator that is perfectly designed to meet your exact energy needs and you won’t regret it. There is so much to gain from an installation that is unique to your needs because you may discover that it is a much cheaper option. By doing business with us, you’ll also benefit from a team of generator experts available to you at all times. We guarantee to provide the necessary maintenance, repairs, and tests to keep your unit in the best condition before your next upcoming event. A maintenance team can prove itself to be invaluable for organisers that host events several times a year. We can ensure that your unit is always ready when you need it and prepped for any event on the horizon.

Let Reactive Generators power your event

You may not even be sure about which generator best suits the needs of your events and we’re here to tell you that there is no need to worry. Give us a call and we can discuss all your requirements and much more. Call one of our friendly experts on (07) 3710 8212 today!