Toowoomba is home to one of the largest botanical festivals in Australia. Commercial and industrial sites need generator servicing in Toowoomba for everyday use, but suppliers and business owners that aim to take part in the Carnival of Flowers could also use our services. This event attracts thousands of visitors not only from Australia but from all across the world and sometimes other sectors can also benefit from additional power generation possibilities. Festivals are high-pressure, high-volume environments and the best thing you can do to ensure that you do well is to invest in a project generator.

What is a project generator?

A project generator isn’t necessarily a special kind of equipment different from any other type of generator. It’s just the use of a unit for a set or limited period to achieve a particular goal or project. Project generators in Toowoomba are used for a one-time, non-recurring, temporary event that is not related to normal production processes. Many of the other sectors we service in the area may need a unit for year-round usage. This isn’t always the case for one-time projects, like those working towards the Carnival of Flowers, that only need a generator for a limited period for the following reasons:

Why do you need a generator for the Toowoomba Carnival of flowers?

Commercial and industrial properties need a powerful generator for different reasons. When understanding what a data centre generator is, you also understand why they are required. They’re needed to make sure that data centres stay powered on at all times to prevent data loss and other issues. Events and festivals also need additional power generation for similar reasons but entirely different aims. The Carnival of Flowers is an expedition of Queensland Country’s majestic Garden City. This particular botanical celebration is the longest-running event of its kind and can last for a month or longer. While the city of Toowoomba is more than ready to welcome visitors to this amazing festival, our power systems may not be able to cope with the additional strain of visitors, customer activity or exhibitions. This is where a project generator can be installed to try to assist in alleviating the additional pressures. There are many applications where a project generator is needed for the Carnival of Flowers, and they can include the following:

Outside of all the major activities, the tourists and visitors that come to Toowoomba will need a place to sleep. They will usually rely on the local hotels & resorts, and this is a busy season for the establishments. Managers will have to deal with more customers than usual and often increased power needs than usual. They would benefit from generator servicing or installation around the time of the Carnival of Flowers because their existing standby system would be put under more pressure than usual.

Business owners who are eyeing new opportunities during these popular events may have plans to open up pop-up shops or facilities near the event. Many of the exciting activities will be based in the inner city but due to the nature-element, some of the interesting parts can be found in the remote areas of Toowoomba. Now the issue with establishing brand new projects is that they may require the use of a generator to keep them powered at all times. A project generator is perfectly placed to do so. There is no issue with relying on Australia’s power grid but it isn’t as consistent as we would like because it is servicing millions across the nation. This is also why apartment buildings need backup generators.

Those who have the main features of the carnival have one of two options when it comes to powering their efforts. Relying on the general power feed supplied by the festival organisers or giving yourself limitless options with your own generator. Business owners taking part in the main areas and facilities of the festival will essentially have to share power with others but if you have plans to design a display that makes you stand out – you’ll need your own source of power.

What size generator do I need for a festival?

Figuring out the sizing for a generator is already difficult and it can get even more complicated when planning for a festival. You’ll have to calculate the power requirements of the equipment you need for the duration of the event. Even though you can do your best to understand the power needs of all equipment and systems, nothing beats the knowledge of an expert. Your best plan of action is to give us a call and we can help you accurately calculate your needs and determine the best size to successfully power your event. Reactive Generators can also provide additional support in training you for the safe use of your project generator. The training will cover generator maintenance and staff training of safe handling to ensure that you’re correctly working with the generator. We guarantee to offer the best on-site support throughout the event or ongoing care of the generator during the duration of its use.

Reactive Generators offers installation, repairs, and servicing

Project sites must have constant access to a reliable energy source. This can be easily achieved with the professional installation of an industrial generator on the premises. Call in one of the industry professionals at Reactive Generators. We are always on standby to assist with any projects that need additional power support. The success of any project may heavily rely on an installation that can consistently run essential functions. Operating across Queensland, we offer skilled technicians in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Ipswich. We cater to industrial and commercial clients across the region, providing a comprehensive and end-to-end service