For mobile, temporary, or recreational purposes, industrial property owners have always relied on generators to keep them fully powered. They are usually faced with the decision to buy or rent a generator for the purpose of their stay and the reasons can vary. The main thing to take into consideration here is which option is the most cost-effective based on how you plan to use it. There is a lot that goes into making the final decision to buy or borrow a generator. It can depend on your budget, the amount of power needed and the specifics of your property. Ultimately, it’s up to your unique circumstances to determine what’ll work best. Let’s explore the pros and cons that come with either option so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

Benefits of renting a generator

  1. Renting generators are always in the best condition

Purchasing a generator means that you are solely responsible for its upkeep. Generator servicing in Brisbane isn’t always the cheapest affair, and it may be required regularly for industrial-sized units. When you hire a generator, you can be sure that the owner has handled the maintenance and upkeep, and it will work in top shape. This is because it will have been maintained throughout its life by the owner. It is in the owner’s best interest to ensure this standard because it has to be in perfect working order for the next potential customer – you.

  1. Cost-effectiveness based on timelines

There are cases where industrial and commercial property owners only need a generator to power an event for a short time. Examples, where this is necessary, can include a mobile event, a university ball, or a pop-up shop in more remote areas. If you’re a property owner that only needs professional generator installation for two or three days at most, then you qualify in this group too. If you only need it for a few days, there’s no financial benefit to paying a substantial amount to buy and own generator equipment. Should you need the help of a generator a few months down the line, you can hire another one!

  1. Gain access to modern, top-of-the-range models

Generator technology is quickly advancing these days, and there are significant differences between older models and modern ones. When hiring a generator, you can be sure the company will have a range of models to choose from, and you can have access to the latest in generator tech.

Benefits of installing your own generator

  1. Immediate access to prime and standby power

The main benefit of buying your own generator, as opposed to hiring one, is that it is already on the property and ready for use immediately. Industrial units are also fitted with an automatic transfer switch, as per Queensland regulation for safe generator use. It is designed to make sure that the power supply is uninterrupted. When hiring a generator, you have to wait for the unit to be delivered to your home before using it.

  1. Eliminate disruption to operations

There are businesses and industrial operations that would be significantly affected by more than a few hours of no power while waiting for a hired unit to arrive. Having your own generator at hand is the best option for immediately providing you with backup power. It is a backup system that protects the work being done on your property at all times without interruption in cases of a power outage. Purchasing a generator, and investing in regular maintenance, is the better option for properties that are strictly dependent on the power supply. It’s essential to keep up with maintenance because it won’t fail when you need it most, among other reasons why generator maintenance is important. Some examples are firms that provide internet-based services, supermarkets, mining plants, factories, or hospitals with life-saving power machines. Generators also have a built-in system to consistently protect your electrical system against voltage fluctuations in the power grid and safeguard sensitive equipment from unexpected failure.

  1. Avoid the hassle of high-demand seasons

In Australia, there are particular seasons where the power supply is vulnerable to instability because of storms or other environmental factors. Buying your own generator means that you won’t have to compete with other property owners during peak seasons of generator hire. There can be instances where the generator you’re after is hard to find for rent because of the high demand. Installing a generator also eliminates problems involved with time constraints due to waiting for one to become available.

  1. Cost-effectiveness in the long run

Generator hire costs are constantly increasing and can fluctuate during peak storm seasons in the region. While the initial installation cost can be very high, purchasing your own generator protects you from hire costs. More importantly, national power grid prices are also on the rise. If a brand new unit is too expensive, you can also explore your options for buying a used generator. Some models are cheaper than others, and some have life-long saving benefits. Diesel generators, for instance, are some of the most fuel-efficient, cost-effective and reliable units you can buy. All you need to do is to explore your options with a licensed professional that can give you accurate advice.

Why not call one of our friendly experts on (07) 3710 8212 today, and we can discuss all the advantages available to you. Should you choose us for the job of properly installing the perfect unit for your industrial or commercial needs. Regardless of the option you choose, generators are large investments that require consistent maintenance to keep them running in excellent shape. A professional is sure to maintain its performance and quality. We can offer more information about our generators, maintenance, installation, or site inspections. Again, we would like to emphasise that a PROFESSIONAL is the best person to handle this and any other generator servicing needs in Brisbane. This isn’t just because it’s safer; it’s also because the law requires it, and it’s all for your benefit. Reactive Generators is available in Brisbane, Toowoomba, the Gold CoastSunshine Coast and Ipswich.