Australian data centres are very important information storage hubs. Even though they handle cloud technology, they are ultimately physical buildings with miles of equipment that need to be working at all times. They house hugely powerful machines that need powerful power supply too and the national grid may not be as consistent enough to provide that. Data centres use the local grids with backup diesel generators because it is the most effective approach. A data centre outage can cause millions of dollars and hundreds of terabytes in data loss. That’s why many of our data centres rely on generator installations in Brisbane.

What is a data centre?

Data centre generators are centralized hubs that are often classified as commercial properties. The owners and managers of these properties have the important responsibility of ensuring consistent management of the data we generate every day, at work and at play. The managers and owners are increasingly choosing generators for power generation because they help them with their responsibilities. Data centres have valuable equipment that is vulnerable to damage from voltage fluctuations that happen when the power goes out or when switching from normal to emergency power supplies. During this time, you’ll struggle with operational downtime, potential issues at start up, file corruption and the loss of information whose processing time was disrupted. You can avoid all of this if you install a generator with built-in mechanisms that guarantee that your equipment is protected at all times.

Why data centre generator installation is so important?

Businesses that rely on data centre equipment may be able to afford closing up shop if the lights go out but the data centres themselves cannot suffer the same fate. If a data centre is suddenly faced with a blackout, then all the data generated and saved by the businesses relying on them will be lost for the entire time. This can be an expensive exercise, but it can greatly affect the function of the businesses that need them. Then, there is the physical damage that the equipment will face due to such sharp changes in voltage at any time. Normal electronics and appliances can easily survive random blackouts, but sensitive equipment can suffer damage to them. This is also the case for the high-tech computers and drives used on the premises of data centre. They are constantly transferring and managing millions of gigabytes at any time throughout the day. A sudden loss of electricity will disrupt the machines built for this level of function. This is why generators are so important because they help to counter all of the possible risks listed above. Depending on how long the generator can run for, many data centres are capable of enjoying consistent power supply at all times.

Advantages of data centre generator?

Generators for data centres are very useful tools and their installation comes with a range of benefits including:

How do data centre generators work?

As soon as a power outage happens, the generator provides continuity of power, and your data centre equipment continues to function without interruption. The most simplified explanation to this question is that generators are made up of two main mechanical inventions. The engine and the electric generator which is also known as the alternator. The engine is the part of the generator that provides mechanical energy, also known as kinetic energy. The alternator, on the other hand, is the part that turns that energy into electricity. This means that generators do not independently create electricity. What industrial generators do instead is convert one type of energy into another. Generators convert kinetic energy into electricity. In simple terms, this means your industrial generator uses the energy created by the mechanical movements into electrical energy through the power of motion. Here is a breakdown of how it all happens:

Generators are one of the most amazing modern tech designs because they do not require existing power to function. This is quite a feat considering that they are able to create their own electricity from scratch. By running on fuel, and there are various types, data centre generators are able to keep providing power despite the loss of primary power. Data centres after low-carbon energy sources can also rely on gas-powered generators, as per government recommendation. You just need to keep your generator full of fuel and it will supply enough electrical current for all the equipment in your data centre.

Professional installation needs professional maintenance   

You will spend a considerable amount of your budget on the installation of your data centre generator. It would be pointless to waste that money on an unqualified technician who will carry out imperfect work. A professional is sure to maintain its performance and quality. Save yourself precious time and money by giving us a call on (07) 3710 8212, and we’ll install and maintain your generator. We would again like to emphasize that a PROFESSIONAL is the best person to handle this and all other generator servicing needs in Brisbane. This isn’t just because it’s safer; it’s also because the law requires it, and it’s all for your benefit. Reactive Generators is available in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Ipswich.