Resorts are a piece of paradise away from home. They’re different from hotels because they promise the guests that live on them a superior recreational experience. Resort generator installation maybe even more important than for average hotel grounds. The installation process isn’t easy because we’re not talking about small portable generators for tools on the worksite here. Resort generators are large stationary units that have to provide immense amounts of standby, continuous and prime power to many different aspects of the property. Will a resort benefit from a large stationary commercial unit? The answer here is yes. Below we’ll go through some important aspects that will help you choose the best generator for your resort.

Why do resorts need a backup power supply?

Hospitality is another sector that requires standby power because most resorts are located in remote parts of the country which don’t always have a stable power supply. The facilities on these properties, like restaurants, cafes, and emergency areas, are part of the very basic service they have to consistently provide. Generators are the perfect solution to provide a consistent backup power source and the best thing about them is that customers and guests remain blissfully unaware. That’s exactly how they are supposed to feel while experiencing your resort grounds. It doesn’t matter what commercial building you are running; generators have the power to keep your business running when it counts. So, when asking why resorts need a backup power supply, ask yourself if they can afford not to have one.

Continuous and prime power supply for resorts

Many people think that generators are only for emergencies, but resorts can benefit from their advantages even outside of emergency situations. Some resorts rely on their generator for day-to-day use for some of their entertainment facilities. Resorts that offer fancy and high-end entertainment areas may not rely on the power grid to keep them working because they have high power requirements. Resorts are also usually based in areas of Australia that are more remote. Power isn’t easy to access in these areas or it is expensive, unreliable, or simply impossible. The next best thing is continuous or prime power solutions. There are popular brands available on the market, but we can give you the best recommendation for your resort. Many of them are built to the highest of standards and are leaders in control panels and remote monitoring technology.

What is the best generator for a resort?

This is a loaded question because there is a lot that goes into defining “the best” generator. Whether your main focus is the brand name or the required output, they both play into each other. In most cases, you will realise that the generator brands dictate how much power output you can choose from. To determine how much output you need, you’ll need to do a full load assessment of your property and all the power it will need. Do a load assessment of your property then begin exploring your options with generator companies that operate near your area.

Why should you use a trusted professional? 

Generator installation isn’t a minor cosmetic improvement project; it is actually a major electrical renovation of any property. You must choose a reliable and trustworthy contractor to install your generator and put in the time to research the ones near to you. Try to dedicate an hour to check online reviews, verify licensing for operation in Queensland and ask about their insurance and warranty policies. It is a clever idea to choose a full-service generator company because they will take everything into account, even beyond the point of installation. That means they can offer a wide range of generator services for your industrial property and provide work on a repeat basis instead of a one-off project that may leave customers stranded. A full-service operator will also help you in selecting the best generator for your unique needs. That can include a detailed explanation of the difference between petrol and diesel. Depending on the type of fuel you pick for the operation of your generator, a licensed professional may be required, by law, to do the job.

How long will a standby generator last?

Your resort generator isn’t similar to the portable units used in homes. Generators of this size are built to be tough and that means that they are built to last. The overall lifespan will depend on the type and size of your generator but if you look after it, your generator can last you for many years of faithful service. Basic standby generators of this size can last for well over 20 years and this should give you the encouragement you need to invest in one. The only way to enjoy a generator that can last this long, or even double this amount of time, is if it is properly maintained and cared for.

If you are asking about how long the generator will last in an instance of an outage, this also depends on the type of generator you purchase and how you use it. All you should know is that your generator will continue to work as long as there is fuel to keep it running. Industrial generators with adequate load capacity are built to run indefinitely during an outage.

Maintenance and servicing for your resort generator

It’s important that you choose a generator installation company that can also offer regular resort generator servicing. Reactive Generators can set up a maintenance schedule and ongoing contract that takes care of the upkeep of the equipment and the performance of required periodic testing. As with any major electrical equipment, according to national regulation, generators should be accessed only by qualified professionals. Call us on (07) 3710 8212, and we’ll not only install your generator, but we’ll also set a servicing schedule to keep it running smoothly. Our team is available to customers in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, and Ipswich