Industrial generators are complex power generation solution machines both in their design but also in what they can offer. If installed by a licensed operator with enough experience, your generator should at least serve the fundamental purpose of being a standby source of electrical power that is ready to operate during an interruption to the main power supply. The main use of an industrial generator is to ensure that you are covered in the case of power outage which could result in a significant loss of revenue during an outage and possibly put the safety of its workers and customers at risk. Industrial generators have many more benefits for your business but their main mission is to deliver emergency power and do so after starting automatically. They can be used in a wide variety of business applications and we explore them below…

Industrial generator uses and sector applications

Reactive Generators is a commercial and industrial generator service expert, and we know how these machines can be used across the board through multiple, various industries. Though the list below doesn’t cover absolutely everything, we’ll go through the main sectors where Brisbane generator service is most typically required.

Commercial properties usually need to keep the lights on in the case of a power outage but they also need the vital systems, like computing systems or security systems or other key equipment, kept running at all times. When choosing the best commercial generator for your property, you will have to consider the size because that dictates what is continually powered through interruption of regular power supply. It is highly important to do so because commercial premises have to ensure that customers & tenants always have the power they need, even in the event of a power outage. Commercial property owners may have stricter obligations placed upon them to play a vital role in ensuring safety of customers & tenants and that also counts for power outages. A backup generator can help to keep emergency systems, elevators, and heating/cooling systems continuously running. Which are all, in many cases, basic rights of any consumer experience.

Australia’s healthcare and medical sector are considered one of the biggest mission-critical environments to always uphold the well-being of the entire community. Professionally installed hospital generators  provide backup power in the event of power outages to keep all the systems and equipment powered at critical moments. This can include a wide variety of life-saving medical tools and equipment. Industrial generators help these medical facilities maintain important equipment like ICU patients and those on oxygen pumps.

High-quality construction site generators are a key piece of equipment in the infrastructure development plans across the nation. The work can never stop because it hinders the completion of projects meant to improve the lives of locals in one way or another. These units allow construction companies to work on projects that are located off the main power grid and have not set up the electrical infrastructure for their work site. The important thing about backup power solutions for this type of industrial application is that they help to mitigate the consequences of a complete blackout. On a construction site, that means deadlines are missed, equipment is possibly damaged by the variation in instances of a power surge and employee productivity comes to a halt. With construction site generators, you can rely on having constant, reliable electricity to keep the project pipeline on course at all times.

This is one of those industrial applications that often have to rely on a generator because they are based in remote areas far from mainstream electrical access. Mining applications are some of the most highly sought after in the world of industrial generator applications because they cannot afford the power to run out. Not only that, but they also rely on heavy equipment such as lights, drillers, conveyor belts, excavating machines, and cranes that simply cannot function without continuous power. It doesn’t matter what is being mined, an industrial generator on-site is almost mandatory for the amount of work that is usually undertaken here.

Similar in some degrees to mining applications, industrial generators for manufacturing purposes operate the same way. This is because manufacturing sites also have hundreds of employees and have large machines constantly running at all times. An industrial or commercial generator will assist in maintaining regular operations, regardless of the situation, and keep key equipment powering on. This is especially important for manufacturing sites and plants that produce food goods which are at risk of contaminant exposure without the continuous flow of packaging. A power outage could cost thousands of dollars in inventory and productivity, which can ultimately lead to profit loss.

Data Centres have the responsibility of taking care of the data we generate every day, at work and at play. To achieve this, data centres are epi-centres of various valuable equipment that is vulnerable to damage from voltage fluctuations that happen when the power goes out or when switching from normal to emergency power supplies. During this time, you’ll struggle with operational downtime, potential issues at startup, file corruption and the loss of information whose processing time was disrupted. You can avoid all of this if you install a data centre generator with built-in mechanisms that guarantee that your equipment is protected at all times.

We’ve only mentioned some of the biggest industries reliant on industrial generators but there are many more including hotels and apartment buildings that also need the safety provided an additional power generation source. If you’re looking for a dedicated team of generator experts in Brisbane, Toowoomba, the Gold Coast or Ipswich, then we’re only a phone call away. We’ve been in this industry for ten times as long as your average operator and we know our way around a wide variety of power solution needs. Reactive Generators is more than ready to cater to your unique application and uses.