An industrial generator is a big purchase and we’re not just talking about their size. Often, prospective buyers are mostly focused on the price tag when looking for their own units. However, you’ll discover that a lot more goes into the final choice. Reactive Generators is an expert in diesel generator servicing and we must emphasise that other than the price, there are a number of other things to consider in order to ensure that your generator is a solid investment. Your choice will also be affected by what you need one for. It may be for standby or emergency purposes, or if you are after a dedicated independent power source. There are many different brands to choose from that cater to different capacities and needs and there is a wide variety to cover the requirements of industrial sites of all sizes and natures.

What to consider when choosing an industrial Diesel Generator?

It’s best to begin by understanding what you need an industrial diesel generator for. We service the greater Toowoomba area and we know that industrial generators are needed for all manner of events or projects. Sometimes reasons include temporary events during the famous annual flower carnival or for construction projects to expand the city’s infrastructure. Industrial generators can be designed for standby or primary usage. The differentiation is important when considering how long you plan to run your industrial generator. Do you need a generator to function on an industrial site where there are no other power sources in near proximity? Or at a site that only requires the generator for emergencies like power outages? Standby generators typically run at a lower frequency than primary sources because they do not have to maintain high power output consistently.

Industrial generators are not where you should look for bargain prices when making a purchase. Cheaper units mean that you lose out on quality. You’ll realise that reliable generators are usually pricier because reliability keeps you powered even during an outage or disaster. You should consider well-known trusted brands in Toowoomba that are recognized for durability and reliability. Opting for a cheaper unit, in an effort to cut costs, will only cost you more in the long run. You’ll need more frequent industrial generator repairs and otherwise to deal with faults.

Generators are sized by how much power capacity they can generate in kilowatts or megawatts. Large scale industrial generators can be as large as 3mW, and these have the capacity to power an entire plant. Industrial properties typically need power for factory elements as well as on-site office equipment. Make the necessary calculations to figure out how much capacity is needed and then use that as a guide. We strongly suggest purchasing a unit that is larger than your required capacity because this ensures that your needs are covered, with enough power to last through emergencies. It’s best to overestimate your needs because then your generator is prepared to do so when needed.

It is important to buy units from manufacturers that are trusted for top-quality parts. The best way to go about choosing your industrial diesel generator is to source them from a trusted supplier because it goes a long way. This helps the generator technician when dealing with manufacturer requirements and it gives you clarity on the best way to look after your unit. A good servicing company, like Reactive Generators, is great at offering advice about which brands are best for you and then we’ll proceed with the professional installation and management of your industrial diesel generator too.

Reasons to install a diesel generator for my industrial site

We’ve gone through the technical considerations for purchasing a diesel generator for your industrial property. However, there are also practical, real-life considerations for their purchase. This will all help to narrow down exactly what you’ll need your own unit for and therefore help a technician to give you better advice.

Always have a backup plan

Data centres should have a detailed plan should disaster strike because it can often be too little too late if the property is without power for hours. The equipment, staff and precious data will still need to be protected in a power shortage and knowing how to operate the standby generator is only one measure to assist in this.

Guaranteed continued power supply 

Important work happens at all times on industrial properties in the country. A diesel generator will make sure that business can always continue even if power from the grid suddenly cuts without warning. Companies and construction sites that cannot afford delays are those that need generators to ensure business continuity. Going without power can cost your team more than a couple of hours of dark inconvenience. It can also translate into a loss of productivity, sales, and customer dissatisfaction. An emergency power plan and a system that keeps the lights on will ensure that productivity levels remain consistent at all times.

Reactive Generators diesel generator installation

Diesel generators are powerful machines that offer invaluable support when you need it most. Industrial properties are some of the lifeblood of many local sectors and the sudden disruption of their function can be detrimental.  The dedicated team at Reactive Generators has been operating for well over 50 years now in all kinds of industrial generator solutions. We’ve become one of Toowoomba’s most trusted diesel generator suppliers & manufacturers. We service many other areas including Gold Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich, and the Sunshine Coast. Regardless of where we are needed, we can consistently provide high-quality servicing repairs and installation work. Reactive Generators also has technical expertise in remote monitoring, lifespan assessment and other diagnostic services that are rare in these parts. We insist on giving our clients a start-to-finish standard of service that will ensure that your unit lasts for a lifetime and that is across the board for ALL power requirements.