There are some parts of Australia’s great economy that cannot afford the power going out. One of them is the industrial sector which may turn to expert generator services in Brisbane in an effort to protect them against this. Just as they would be for other reasons, industrial generators can act as an operational lifesaver for productivity. Generators are as popular for industrial use as they are for commercial sectors and we know this after being reliable service providers for them for half a century. Whether you need a generator for your manufacturing plant or for your school facility, they both require units that are large in size and power capacity. Read on for more advice about generators for this particular and very specialised use…

What are industrial generators?

Industrial generators are in a class of their own and thereis good reason for that. They are very different from residential or small commercial units. Generators for industrial use are always much more robust and rugged in comparison because they have to perform under harsher conditions. Harsher conditions comprise many things including high-powered machinery, hundreds of staff, and more intense energy usage over long periods of time. These aren’t typical conditions for your average home or small-scale shop in Queensland. Toowoomba festival hosts and Toowoomba residents, for instance, would have vastly different power needs and therefore need vastly different machines. Industrial generators need to provide a wider range of power that have the double digit-kW capacity and a single-phase to three-phase supply. There are also many different generator types that fall under different categories of customization like the fuel, phase or the many generator brands popularly known. Industrial uses can be very diverse and that is why there are so many options when it comes to choosing the right generator for industrial use. Although the units can vary, there are some typical characteristics that generators for industrial usepresent and they usually include:

Typical characteristics of a generator for industrial use

  1. Industrial or commercial sites that have limited access to the national grid or inconsistent supply
  2. Generators powerful enough to sustain operation for extended periods
  3. Built-in equipment that assists in the continuous supply of energy
  4. Good quality components and reliable generator experts to maintain them
  5. Good noise conditions to ensure that the unit is compliant with the area’s regulations
  6. Efficient operation that can sustain robust power usage and needs
  7. Prime and standby capability depending on the industrial use
  8. Modern monitoring systems to ensure that system failures are prevented
  9. A team of local professionals to maintain the unit’s function

Finding the right industrial generator

After making sure that the generator you are considering exhibits all of the above characteristics, we can get more serious about the customization for your unique needs. There are a couple of main factors to consider when choosing the unit that is perfect for you. You’ll need to establish what it will be used for and the amount of power it will take to deliver on that. You can start with our comprehensive generator size calculator to give you an estimate. The size of your generator directly affects the amount of power that it can supply to keep operations running.

How much is an industrial generator?

The cost of the generator for your unique industrial use is entirely dependent on the amount of power you need. Basic industrial generators can fall into the region of tens of thousands and larger multi-megawatt systems can cost a hundred thousand dollars. This encompasses the cost of the unit itself but there are other factors to consider. Labour costs for professional generator installation, modern additions like remote monitoring and controllers and other site-specific requirements can affect the final system cost.You are also well within your right to explore hiring vs buying an industrial generator for industrial use. In more cases, than we realise, industrial sites are not meant to operate for a lifetime and only need additional power for a limited period. This may be the situation for certain projects including the infrastructure of roads or otherwise. Once the project is complete, the site owner may not require the use of a generator anymore and the purchase of one would have proven unnecessary. The best thing you can do is to reach out to us, and we can discuss a host of options best suited for your individual needs.

What is the best generator brand?

Queensland locals have access to many popular brands for industrial generators that come with their own varying benefits. Many of the manufacturers popularly known across the nation have the capability to build and produce units of up to 700kVa or more. Units this size are specifically designed for larger-scale industrial purposes used for backup/standby power where a power supply is essential. Customization is also very important because some brands are known for being quiet while others are known for powerful generation capacity. In both cases, there are certain industrial settings that they are best suited for. It is therefore important to research the best brands and find the one that is a perfect fit for you. You can pinpoint certain stand-out features in different brands including reputation, specialization, and versatility. The brand that you choose also depends on your budget, operational noise output, uninterrupted run-time, and overall performance.

Brisbane’s best generator installations & maintenance

Regardless of your specific needs, Reactive Generators has the answers you are searching for in relation to your customised generator application. We offer industrial and commercial-sized generators known for reliable operation with a wide range of fuels, sizes, and modern tools. If you’re ready for your unit, give us a call at (07) 3710 8212 and the eager team will get straight to work finding the perfect unit for you. Get an industrial generator for your local usage as soon as possible and enjoy the best service and expertise in the region too.