Australians looking for emergency services or assistance won’t suddenly wait in times of power outage. In fact, they’re more likely to need the help of all kinds of business owners across the country when they don’t have any electricity to do things for themselves. It is a tremendous amount of responsibility, but local business owners don’t have the luxury of closing shop when the lights go out because customers will always rely on their services in times of need. It’s because of the dedication to their customers and the services they provide, that the show must go on. Owners and managers of commercial properties, therefore, have to rely on back-up power sources in Brisbane‘s incidences of power outages. While this is the most obvious reason, there are many more explanations for why generators are important in commercial buildings. As a local, Australian owned business, we understand the importance of uninterrupted access to power. We’re a company that provides generator servicing in Brisbane and have been for 50 years. This Reactive generator blog explains all this and more below.

Four reasons why commercial buildings need a generator

Without electricity, it’s impossible to use your equipment, to receive phone calls and to do any other normal tasks that are part of running your business. A power outage or any other kind of grid failure, can completely stop what everyone is doing on your commercial property and put a halt to productivity. If you had clients that were expecting the completion of services that day, you’d disappoint them because you don’t have the electricity to complete the task. Commercial property owners, managers and lease holders should seriously consider investing in the installation of a back-up generator to avoid situations like these because they have real impact on your profits and productivity

Having a good, solid job isn’t just a privilege it’s also an extension of years of hard work and creative input. You and your employees are working hard everyday to make sure that the business is successful and that locals have access to quality service providers. The people that work in commercial buildings everyday and the clients or customers who have to enter the premises are entitled to a comfortable experience because they’re putting something into the business. Comfort can be air-conditioning or soothing music playing through a sound monitor during the day. For some employees, it’s the delight of accessing a state-of-the-art coffee machine at any time of day. Owners of commercial property should want to keep these things working constantly because it improves everyone’s experience of the business. This should still be maintained when a power outage occurs. A high-quality generator, like one manufactured by Atlas Copco, Pramac or Volvo Penta, will make sure that all these comforts are kept running at all times. 

Commercial buildings need additional security because they have to protect the people, heavy-duty equipment, and the customers inside. Without electricity, the safety and security systems you have in place to ensure that, will be compromised. Generators are a good way to make sure that safety is maintained when the electricity cuts. This isn’t just to protect your business assets but also to protect the interests and the assets of everyone occupying your premises.

If you run a business that customers rely on at any time of the day, every day, because of how essential it is to their daily living, you have to be fully operational at all times. Flooded bathrooms, short circuits, broken down cars or other emergencies don’t wait for the power grid to be fully functional. They’ll happen even if, and often more frequently, in times that Australia’s power grid shuts down for one reason or another. There are many reasons to invest in a generator, but mainly because you won’t be missing out on business opportunities that will arise. Not only that, but you may be protecting the integrity of equipment or perishables on your property that need the constant supply of electricity. Avoiding situations like those mentioned here can be easy with a commitment to generator servicing in Brisbane.

The number of local power outages is growing

The power grid in Brisbane isn’t as consistent as we would like it to be and that’s the case for many regions in Australia. One of the main culprits causing them is the extreme weather conditions that we are prone to in the country. Even generators are more vulnerable to excessive heat and they require extra maintenance in the warmer months. Power outages are definitely happening more frequently and the problem with that is that they can be expensive for commercial buildings if you don’t have a backup source. It’s good to rely on your nation’s supply of power but it’s also good to rely on your own resources because Australia’s grid is used by 25 million people and that will make it less consistent than a back-up power source only used by yourself and the people on your property. Power outages in Brisbane have been known to leave tens of thousands of properties without power for extended periods of time. Commercial property owners and residents have to accept power outages as a likely event and prepare for them but then there’s also the issue of rising electricity costs. In summary, as more frequent power outages happen in the area and prices continue to rise, the best thing that businesses and properties for commercial use can do, isa to prepare for them by installing a standby generator.

Are you interested in back-up power for your commercial or industrial property?

We know for a fact that there isn’t one business in Australia that wants to lose money because of unforeseen power outages. It doesn’t matter what size your business is or what industry you operate it in, an interrupted supply of power will cost you money if you don’t have a generator that can function as an emergency or primary power source. Without one, commercial property owners and managers could lose revenue, experience IT challenges, safety and security risks and the possibility of losing customers. Speak to a specialist at Reactive Generators for a specialized consultation about what you need and how to go about achieving it. We’re open every day, all day.

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