Apartment buildings are home to residents and family units and they are also at risk during power outages. Reactive Generators offers specialized generator servicing in Brisbane and we know just how important a generator can be for apartment buildings. There is a lot that goes into managing an apartment building and there are certain requirements of commercial premises. One of them is that safety is upheld at all times and a generator is a perfect tool to manage that. There are several more reasons why a generator is important in this setting and we’ve explained some of them below.

Reasons why apartment buildings need backup generators

1. Navigating high-rise apartment buildings

Many apartment buildings in Australia are known to have many floors to accommodate all those tenants. The taller the building, the more flights of stairs to navigate in cases when the elevator isn’t working. Not having a generator when power is cut can create an unbearable, and even unsafe, the situation for tenants when elevators aren’t working. Tenants who have to climb ten or twenty flights of stairs, often in the dark during a power outage, could benefit greatly from a generator. Generators mean that the lifts can be powered and they can avoid a difficult climb up the stairs. Installing a backup can be expensive but it will ultimately save your tenants the risk and inconvenience involved with an elevator that isn’t working. It’s important for owners to know and understand that a generator can make the difference in what attracts more tenants to apartment buildings.

2. Emergency systems and lighting 

Even if apartment buildings are a place of residence, it is ultimately a commercial building that has to stick to certain regulatory requirements. The safety of your residents has to be maintained at all times and a generator can help to achieve that. We already know that there is an increasing number of extreme storms which cause more frequent power outages throughout Australia. The Standards Australia online portal even advises the use of backup generators to stay connected to the power supply at all times. There are certain systems on your property that need to keep functioning with the help of an industrial generator. The steps must be free and clearly lit so people can use them and electrical doors or security entrances must remain functioning. When the power grid fails, your tenants need to know that the power supply to these areas is maintained at all times. Larger apartment buildings also have to ensure that power to common areas, corridors, and elevators are continuously powered by an emergency generator.

3. The protection of your building’s electrical system

We can install mechanisms that are built to support the overall safety of your electrical system. Generators can have automatic voltage regulators installed and they are electronic devices that automatically regulates the electrical output of your generator at a set value or level. Unregulated voltage can cause a spark or any other degree of electrical fault which will affect the utilities, equipment, and machinery powered by the generator


Apartment building generator installation 

Generator installations for apartment buildings are very complicated processes. There is a lot that goes into choosing the right generator for you. You will need to consult with a professional generator technician because they will engage you in consultation and design plans. It’s important that you use a professional installer because they are most qualified to ensure that the installation meets all the safety requirements for commercial or industrial applications. Any generator you choose for your unique needs, regardless of the type or size, must be properly secured, well ventilated, and well maintained. Any engine or motor that generates heat and kinetic energy, like those used in generators, has moving parts and hot fluids that need regular maintenance and replacement.

Installation considerations for apartment buildings   

There is much more to consider outside of scheduled maintenance and servicing of your generator before installation is done and that can include:

• Size of the area of installation

The most ideal scenario for generator installations on apartment building premises is in cases where there is a rooftop or well-ventilated underground facility where the electrical wiring for the common areas is isolated from the remainder of the building. This includes where the circuits for the critical systems are, like those for emergency lighting and fire protection systems. These should be separate from non-critical systems such as common outlets and general lighting. There needs to be an area where a gas supply is readily available because it already serves other large equipment in the area where the generator will be installed. If there isn’t a direct gas line and you resort to other fuel types which require tanks, your apartment building should have sufficient room for a diesel or petrol tank.

• Location  

Apartment buildings that are based in areas of Queensland that are prone to flooding should contact us immediately for a consultation. We may have to explore the installation at elevated points of the property that is above the ground floor.

• The cost

Generators for apartment building applications can come at a significant cost. That’s because apartment buildings have extensive power needs and maintaining them in cases of main grid failure requires large machines. We have a helpful guide if you are wondering how much an industrial generator costs but we can also help you make an informed decision if you give us a call. The aim is to stick to your budget for overall expenses and to save you money over time.

Protect your apartment building’s generator with proper maintenance

The safety of your tenants and the longevity of your generator depends on it being properly maintained. Reactive Generators has been in the business of installing and maintaining industrial generators in the Queensland area for many decades now. We know that the best thing for your generator is routine and thorough servicing. Call us on (07) 3710 8212, and we’ll not only install your generator but we’ll also set a servicing schedule to keep it running smoothly. Our team is available to customers in Brisbane, the Gold CoastSunshine Coast , and Ipswich.