Industrial generators are used to complete operations on the site. Once you invest in a unit, you want it to align with your work goals and targets. Keeping up with regular generator servicing in Brisbane will also make sure that everything is working exactly how expected. It might even be a good idea to enquire about a customised generator service plan. Even with this in mind, there are differences in how petrol vs diesel generators will work and how long you can expect them to be functional. Keep reading to determine how long each fuel type can sustain energy generation for…

Run time for petrol vs diesel generators

Petrol-powered Generators

Petrol generators are more limited in terms of the amount of time. The main reason for this is that petrol generators cannot be refuelled while running. It might seem tempting just to pour more fuel into the tank, but we want you to know that this is a dangerous thing to do. Ask any generator servicing expert; petrol is a fuel type that shouldn’t be messed with like this. Running generators are hot to touch, and there are many risks involved if you’re trying to replace fuel. The bottom line is this: turn off your generator and let it cool down whenever you’re refuelling with petrol because if you do it any other way, you could be exposing yourself to a fire hazard. 

That ultimately means that petrol-powered generators will run for as long as fuel is in the engine. You cannot refuel while the Genset is running, so you’re limited to the rated runtime of your generator. As long as you have a large fuel tank in your industrial generator, it would help if you were last for a few days. 

Diesel-powered generators

Diesel is a much more efficient fuel type than petrol, and therefore, as long as you have an unlimited supply, you’ll only be limited to the life of your engine oil. That should give you up to 200 hours or even more worth of continuous power. This is just an estimation and can vary based on several factors unique to your use of the unit. Besides the fuel type, there are several reasons why a diesel generator is better than a petrol unit. 

Please keep in mind that whenever you are running your generator for extended periods, which is usually the case for industrial clients in Queensland, you need to monitor it closely. Generators are designed to backup and primary power with ease, but they can only handle so much abuse and will eventually start to break down. The best thing to do is call a licensed industrial generator expert in Brisbane to perform essential maintenance before turning it on again.

The pros and cons of petrol generators and diesel generators

Petrol is cheaper than diesel at the pump, and there’s no changing the fact that diesel is still the more expensive per litre in Australia. The price might be different, but there’s also a difference in the fuel efficiency of a diesel generator compared to its petrol guzzling counterpart. Diesel engine powered generators are more fuel-efficient than petrol engines. A 120kW diesel generator achieves an efficiency of between 10.9 and 32.1 litres per hour depending on its load, which is considerably better than a petrol generator.

This round is pretty even when it comes to industrial generators. Whichever fuel type you choose, they will both be working hard to give you the power output you require for a long while as long as you look after them. Even if this is the case, there are some differences in how they perform. 

Petrol generators work furiously to produce the desired power levels, but diesel machines can have the same wattage without breaking the same sweat. Diesel’s chemical makeup means that it does not need to work as hard to give you the power you need. It has self-lubricating properties, which means better longevity than petrol. Petrol generators need an additional lubricant, and this means that their fuel delivery system may deteriorate after extended periods of use. 

The Queensland government is working on subsiding renewable energy for industrial customers, but we suggest you explore your alternative options until then. Hopefully, as your friendly industrial generator services provider in Brisbane, we’ve helped you make the buying decision a bit easier when comparing a diesel generator vs a petrol generator. We offer a wide range of generator services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Sunshine Coast. All you have to do is give us a call on (07) 3710 8212.