Keeping up with the vitals of your generator is the best way to maintain it. Modern technology has allowed for generator maintenance monitoring, and it is the next best thing. Our generator servicing in Brisbane works on a set schedule for our clients, and it might be cumbersome to remember the dates. If you use remote monitoring, it simplifies everything for you, and it can even give you alerts if anything is wrong with your industrial generator. 

How can generators benefit from maintenance monitoring?

There are two main types of industrial generators for widespread use. The first type of generator is one used for emergency power supply. These systems have to function effectively and independently of Australia’s power grid. For example, hospitals are legally required to have EPPS. These systems are central in power systems, and therefore maintenance must be tightly controlled and regulated. The second type of generator is a standby generator. These are there in case of power outages and allow for the continued function of the facilities. Typically, these are used in office buildings, hotels, and factories. Even though they are different in use, they can benefit from a preventative maintenance program. Generator maintenance is additional for other models and manufacturers, but it can be broken down weekly and monthly. Specific generator servicing jobs should occur after a specified number of runtime hours. They should only be handled by a licensed electrician, who is the primary regulatory requirement of the Queensland Government when it comes to generator electrical safety

Why do you need remote generator monitoring?

Modern generators are very reliable, and that’s why industrial generators cost as much as they do. They are still likely to experience Genset failure or start situations. The older your industrial generator, the more likely this is, and this is still the case even if they are well maintained. Having a proper generator maintenance program and remote monitoring system always to keep track of the generator’s essential parameters can reduce the chances of failure. Remote monitoring can diagnose the causes of failure to start quickly and effectively, and these typically are:

Even if you have a great generator maintenance program already put in place, as soon as the technician closes the technician and leaves, the condition of the Genset is unknown. The installation of a generator maintenance remote monitoring system will make sure that you receive alerts and remotely monitor the generator condition. This is an incredibly efficient system for an industrial property because all your key employees, generator technicians, and maintenance staff can log in and check the status anytime, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Benefits of a remote generator monitoring system 

What can remote monitoring systems do?

Depending on the type you have installed, there are different monitoring levels and options available to you. They’ll vary based on specific site, generator, control panel and requirements. Some of the things a remote monitoring system in your generator can do include the following:

A remote monitoring system can have a power meter that checks the generator’s runtime hours and operational loads. This function will ensure that you aren’t running close to maximum generator capacity and check runtime hours to schedule maintenance events.

Most common monitoring systems use 4G and LTE connections, which means they can communicate directly with mobile devices. You can pretty much put the generator anywhere with a cell phone signal, and it will instantly begin monitoring and updating you. More advanced systems can even connect to WiFi networks within range because data is collected and then sent over the WiFi network for monitoring on your LAN or over the internet.

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