DSE DSE8660 MKII Controller

Product Code: DSE8660MKII
Auto Transfer Switch & Mains (Utility) Control Module

The DSE8660 MKII is the latest and most advanced Auto Transfer Switch & Mains (Utility) Control Module within the DSE synchronising and load sharing control module range. Developed alongside the DSE8610 MKII this control module provides industry-leading features and benefits for the most complex grid type generator installations.

245 mm x 184 mm x 51 mm (9.6″ x 7.2″ x 2.0″)

220 mm x 160 mm (8.7″ x 6.3″)

8.0 mm (0.3″)


8660-02 – 8660 MKII Auto Transfer Switch & Mains (Utility) Control Module (Ct, Rtc)







Product Highlights
Key Features Key Benefits
Display sets on load on modules LCD display. On the pages that show the modules MSC link the modules MSC ID and which sets are on load are visible.
Power curve simulation. Simulation injection testing has been added to the tools menu in the DSE Configuration Suite Software. This feature allows users to demonstrate power curves.
Configurable engine icons. The DTC related icon screen is user configurable. The user has the option to define the icons and conditions.
Serial port settings within the front panel editor. RS232 and RS485 settings for Slave ID and Baud Rate have been added to the front panel editor. A new page “œEditor – Communications” has been added which contains 4 screens (RS232 Baud, RS232 Slave ID, RS485 Baud, RS485 Slave ID).
Multiple mains (utility) capability (with additional module). To monitor alternative mains supplies to ensure generator power is supplied at the exact time required.
Mains (Utility) failure detection, mains (utility) power monitoring (kW, kV Ar, kV A & pf) monitoring, mains (utility) decoupling protection, mains (utility) kW export protection. Gives full mains (utility) back-up and provides no break synchronisation that includes peak lopping and peak shaving options with mains (utility) power monitoring.
Sequential set start. Allows control over the number of sets starting at any one time. E.g. All start or start on load demand.
Configurable inputs/outputs (12/8). Provides multiple installation options.
Drag and drop advanced PLC editor. The PLC editor has been completely redesigned. It has a brand new look and feel and offers enhanced functionality for the user, through the addition of new function blocks. The PLC editor is accessed via DSE configuration suite software. The PLC software
Power monitoring (kW h, kVAr, kv Ah, kV Ar h), reverse power protection, kW overload protection. Provides clear accurate power measurement information.
Data logging (USB Memory Stick). Provides current and historical status information.
DSE Configuration Suite PC Software. Provides complete user-friendly configuration and easy-to-use high-level system control & monitoring.
Tier 4 CAN engine support. Ensures the control module can be used with the latest in modern electronic engine technology.
Additional Features
  • R.O.C.O.F & vector shift.
  • Generator load demand.
  • Automatic hours run balancing.
  • Bus failure detection.
  • Audible alarms.
  • Engine protections.
  • Flexible sender inputs.
  • CANbus for electronic engines.
  • Comprehensive fuel monitoring.
  • Backed-up real time clock.
  • Electrical protections.
  • Modbus RTU/TCP support.
  • Configurable display languages.
  • Configurable timers & alarms.
  • Configurable maintenance alarms (3).
  • Multiple date & time scheduler.
  • SMS messaging start & stop functionality.
  • Modem diagnostic tool.

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