DSE DSE9130 Battery Charger

Product Code: DSE9130

12 volt 5 amp Compact Battery Charger

The DSE9130 12 volt 5 amp Switch-Mode Battery Charger keeps batteries charged to their maximum capacity at all times. It is designed for permanent battery connection and can be DIN rail or chassis mounted. The charger includes a normal or overload condition LED indicator on the front to assist with status identification, operates during cranking and running and accepts multiple AC voltage connections.

136 mm x 140 mm x 63 mm (5.4″ x 5.5″ x 2.5″)
9130-00 – 12 volt 5 amp Compact Battery Charger (90v-305v 50/60Hz)








Voltage (V)


Product Highlights
Key Features Key Benefits
Constant current/constant voltage. Provides flexibility for operation with various battery type technologies.
Automatic float mode return. Prevents overcharging battery damage.
Low output ripple. Safe charging of both sealed and vented battery types.
Reverse polarity, short-circuit and current limiting protection. Prevents damage to the charger and battery, to provide secure and reliable operation.
Auto recovery on fault condition removal. Ensures the charger resumes operation without needing to be manually reset.
Cell charge boost and equalizing. Helps to improve battery life and operating performance.
Power save mode. Ensures the battery maintains enough power at all times.
No moving parts. Ensures longer battery charger life.
Chargers can be linked together. Increases the current output available.
Charge fail output. Provides remote warning in the event of a power failure.
80% operating efficiency. Provides an efficient, economical and cool running battery charger.
Dedicated boost connection terminals. Provides a quicker charging cycle for discharged batteries.

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