GAC EEG6500 Speed Card

Product Code: EEG6500

The GAC EEG6500 is designed for industrial engine applications from generator sets and mechanical drives, to pumps or compressors. It features an improved and simplified LCD user interface, as well as a lockable display to prevent unauthorised access.

Other features also include:

  • Fast Setup with 5 Push Buttons, No Potentiometers, No PC.
  • Multiple Fixed Speeds (Rated/Idle) and Variable Speed with Potentiometer or Voltage Input.
  • Selectable Isochronous, Droop & also Variable Governing.
  • Adjustable Starting Fuel Strategy (Black Smoke Reduction) & Speed Ramping.
  • Extended Speed Range to 12KHz or 4000 RPM.
  • Auxiliary Input for Synchronizing and Load Sharing.
  • Continuous Current, Capable For Use With GAC ACB2001.
  • Configurable Speed Switch Output.

The EEG6500 also features built-in fault history and protection against:

  • Overspeed.
  • Overcurrent.
  • Shorting-out.

Will the GAC EEG6500 governor fit my brand of engine?

The GAC EEG6500 electronic governor is compatible with all GAC electronic throttle actuators and is suitable for a wide range of engine brands:

  • Perkins
  • Yanmar
  • Kubota
  • Isuzu
  • Mitsubishi






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