How do I get temporary power to my building site

Temporary Power for Building Sites Temporary power allows builders and tradespeople to work when there is no connection on the site. Power outages may be a result of having no permanent connection to the mains supply or might be a planned outage to allow for some work to be complete. Whether you’re seeking temporary power […]

How to bleed a diesel generator?

The title of this blog is quite startling, but we want you to know that ‘bleeding’ your industrial generator is a routine component of generator servicing in Brisbane that a technician will perform. It’s not as painful as it sounds, in fact, it’s one of the simpler tasks of industrial generator maintenance and you could […]

Replacement or New Generator Installation

Replacing or Installing New Generators A generator plays a fundamental role in the emergency power supply of a commercial or industrial entity, so it is essential to ensure your premise is fitted with a suitable and working unit. When the generator encounters problems or requires generator repairs, it is critical to find a replacement and […]

Replacing Belts and Hoses on a Commercial Generator

Belts and Hoses Replacement What is a belt and hose? A belt is the loop of flexible material used to link two or more rotating shifts within a generator. These are used as a source of motion, to transmit power efficiently and track movement. There are two common types of generator engine belts. These types […]

What happens if you overload a generator?


Industrial generator buyers usually buy a generator that can oversupply capacity as a general rule of thumb. We usually give this advice as a licensed generator services provider in Queensland because it will cover all your bases for usage, performance, and efficiency. Just because your generator can support high capacity loads it doesn’t mean that […]

What happens if you under load a generator?

The engines in industrial generators are designed to operate under varying loads depending on your unique requirements. The load can range from maximum to minimum load. Industrial diesel generators are expected to run at a minimum of 60% load to make sure it works at maximum efficiency. There’s the risk that if you run your […]

Why Your Construction Site Needs an Industrial Portable Generator

Industrial Portable Generator for Construction Sites Accessing a mains supply of power is not always a feasible option on a construction site. The access to electricity may also shift throughout the project, with significant disruptions at certain times. While utility power may not always be accessible, new advancements in construction equipment and tools mean the […]