Servicing Your Automatic Transfer Switch

Automatic Transfer Switch What is an Automatic Transfer Switch? An automatic transfer switch allows for safe switching between your mains supply (primary source) and your generator when the backup unit is required. The automatic transfer system invokes the standby power source after sensing a power failure. As it is connected to both primary and backup […]

Standby Generators: What you need to know

Standby Generators What is a standby generator? A standby generator is a backup electrical system that provides power in the event of an outage or interruption. Within seconds of the power cut, the standby generator is triggered to start supplying power to appliances and systems throughout the premise. The units are typically installed on a […]

Top 10 Generator Servicing Mistakes to Avoid

Generator Servicing Mistakes While considering the size and intended use for a generator is fundamental to selecting the most appropriate unit, ongoing maintenance is essential to ensuring the machine will keep your site operational when needed. Routine checks and services will keep your generator running at optimal capacity, reduce unnecessary breakdowns, and limit the likelihood […]

What goes wrong with an automatic transfer switch?

Automatic Transfer Switch Problems An automatic transfer switch plays a fundamental role in the emergency supply power system. These devices facilitate a safe transfer of power from the primary or mains supply, to the backup generator. After sensing a power failure, the automatic transfer system invokes the standby power source and serves as an intermediary […]

What Size of Backup Generator Do You Need?

Backup Generator Sizes Commercial and Industrial Generators With the modern-day reliance on power for daily business operation, power outages can cause unexpected disruptions, costly delays and prohibit function. A commercial or industrial generator is the simplest and most effective way to mitigate these challenges. These units play an increasingly fundamental role in emergency responses to […]

Why is Load Bank Testing Important?

The Importance of Load Bank Testing What is Load Bank Testing? Generator Load Bank testing is an examination and assessment of the unit. This test verifies that the primary components of a generator are in proper work condition and can meet the needs of a full-load. This equipment used to test the machine produces an […]