The Importance of Load Bank Testing

What is Load Bank Testing?

Generator Load Bank testing is an examination and assessment of the unit. This test verifies that the primary components of a generator are in proper work condition and can meet the needs of a full-load. This equipment used to test the machine produces an artificial load on the generator in a controlled environment by bringing the system to a set temperature or pressure. The load is then gradually increased, and the generator’s ability to handle the boost is recorded. The ability of the generator to handle the different loads over time is indicative of its working capability.

Why is Load Bank Testing Important?

Maintaining the efficiency and performance of a generator is fundamental to safeguarding its longevity, enhancing its reliability and capitalising on the machine’s capabilities during a power outage. Standby or secondary power generators that are rarely used or only ever operated on a light load can incur glazing of the piston bores or a build-up of fuel deposits in the engine over time. This accumulation results in reduced output or failure to work when the situation arises. Neglecting a generator for an extended period can also lead to unexpected operating costs, excessive wear and increased exhaust emissions.

Undergoing load bank testing regularly will:

• Verify the generators’ true capability, instead of just routinely starting it up
• Identify problems earlier to enable less expensive repairs and prevent future major issues
• Help avoid wet stacking and cut through any carbon deposits
• Confirm the engine cooling system will perform while under load
• Give you the peace of mind that your unit will operate when you need it most

How Does Load Bank Testing Work?

A load bank test is where an artificial load is placed on a generator. Before commencing the test, the fluids must be checked to ensure the fuel, oil and radiator are at the correct level. After conducting a state up test, the technician brings the generators to nominal operating temperature and monitors the data parameters. This process helps to identify any initial problems with the engine which must be rectified before testing can continue.

The remainder of the load testing is timed, with gradual increases in the kW load in specific increments. Each time the pressure is increased, the engine and alternator parameters are recorded. This systematic approach measures the unit’s ability to handle the boost and identifies the highest possible level of functioning for the system. The length of this process is mainly dependent on the type of generator or any inhouse requirement that must be met. After the conclusion of testing, the generator is run under a light load for cooling. All loads are then removed, and the generator is shut down.

How Often is Load Bank Testing Required?

The recommended regularity of a load bank test is mostly dependent on how often and to what capacity your generator is usually used. We suggest a minimum of annual testing for most generators, but that can be more frequent for irregularly used units. The skilled technicians at Reactive Generators can work with you to devise a tailored load bank testing schedule that suits your generator, needs and budget.

Reactive Generators Load Bank Testing

Reactive Generators runs a resistive load bank test on every generator we own, sell or hire out. We also conduct tests for clients across Queensland at our sites in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich. Upon the successful completion of a load bank test, we provide a comprehensive report of results.

If this test identifies any underlying issues or significant concerns in the generator, our skilled technicians are equipped to provide the appropriate repairs. We also carry a broad range of spare parts and replacements at all times, to ensure we can provide an efficient and appropriate solution. These brands include:

• Perkins (FG Wilson, Sabre, Lister Petter, Dorman)
• Caterpillar (Olympian)
• Cummins (DCEC)
• Pramac
• Kubota
• Atlas Copco and more.

When you rely on Reactive Generators for your generator needs, you are provided with the peace of mind that you are receiving the best possible service. We aim to be the service provider of choice in Queensland. This client-focused approach is why we direct every effort towards maintaining the highest level of customer service in every aspect of our business.

Get in contact with the team at Reactive Generators for more information.

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