After you’ve made the decision to invest in a commercial generator, you won’t have to wait for an emergency to fully experience the advantages of backup power supply. You can use your generator on a day-to-day basis for continuous or prime power supply on your commercial property. While this may not always be the case for commercial generator needs in Brisbane, there are other more remote locations that do not have consistent access to Australia’s power grid and therefore it is expensive, unreliable and impossible for operations to continue without a generator. Reactive Generators can supply generator repairs and servicing for commercial companies in the oil and gas sector, construction, retail, mining, and telecommunication industries. Events and other commerce occurrences can also benefit from the large variety of brands we have on offer including Cummins, Kohler and Tecnogen.

Installation of commercial generators in Brisbane

Reactive Generators is a commercial generator installation company that knows how complex the process can be. So, make sure that you put in the time to find a licensed and qualified technician in Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Sunshine coast to ensure the best installation. You should want your commercial genset to be applied perfectly the very first time to avoid any unnecessary faults or costly mistakes that will hinder your operations. The last thing you want to deal with is a generator that has constant issues and will persistently halt your daily work just because it hasn’t been installed properly.

Steps involved in a commercial generator installation

1. You will first find and consult with a local, qualified generator technician 

The first thing you need to do, after finding the best technician in Brisbane, is to schedule a consultation and detailed conversation to settle on the best solution for your needs. You need to choose a generator servicing company that not only sells you a unit but is also licensed to service and repair your generator in the case that it is required. During this consultation, the technician can help you explore your energy needs, look at your current electrical supply requirements, and make the best choice based on these. Once you have concluded this consultation you will then confirm agreement stipulations and continue with the process of installation.

2. Installation will proceed which requires some wait time 

You should expect the installation of your commercial backup all prime power supply to also take a few weeks. This is because there are permits and local body clearances required to allow for its installation. There is also the time for the delivery of your specific generator brand to be shipped to Brisbane to take into account. We use a number of global generator manufacturing brands including Caterpillar, Perkins, Tecnogen and Oz power.

3. Preparation of your commercial generator site

After permits and generator parts are concluded, your local generator expert will build or create an area that is ready for the placing of your new commercial generator. That may include the construction of a concrete pad to place it on, the building of an adequate shelter for cooling or any other site preparations necessary.

4. Installation and testing

Now, that your generator has been fully installed by a licensed technician in Brisbane. The technician needs to make sure that everything is working as it should. This will involve a number of processes including turning off your own main power supply and testing the new generator’s capability to maintain the same operation across your commercial property. Testing, just like the normal required load testing, will make sure that your generator can handle the power required and that it is functional enough to automatically take over when your main power source suddenly switches off.

How much is a commercial generator installation?

Based on the power supply for your commercial property needs, you can expect the cost of a installation to be between $10,000 to $25,000 dollars or more. This is the average cost of a high-wattage commercial generator in Brisbane that is required for advanced use on a property of this nature. The price will vary based on the brand, size, power capacity and other features. Keeping up with regular and thorough maintenance will enhance your generator’s value and keep it running well in a variety of environmental conditions.

After you’ve made the important and expensive decision to install  a new commercial generator at your facility, you should develop a solid maintenance plan. This maintenance can often include:

Maintenance on your commercial generator at a regular basis set by a determined routine schedule will make sure that you keep your critical business systems running optimally. A badly maintained generator will inevitably shut down or be slow to start up, resulting in downtime for your business should you experience a power failure. Contact us today to speak with our highly knowledgeable and experienced technicians  about your power needs.

Reactive Generators

Reactive Generators directs every effort towards supporting our customers. We work with each client individually to establish their needs, goals, and budget before providing tailored advice and services. Operating across Queensland, we offer skilled technicians in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich. We cater to industrial and commercial clients across the region, providing a comprehensive and end-to-end service. From purchase and installation to maintenance and repairs, you can trust Reactive Generators to get the job done.

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