Having a high-end diesel generator for your facility can be life-changing for all your power needs. But once the generator is installed, people tend to forget that regular generator repair and maintenance are two important aspects of owning a generator.

Generators even though might look to be easy-to-use equipment, but following a recommended service schedule is not easy, if not complicated. There are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration that can easily damage your engine or can lead to generator shut down. So, instead of being in a situation where the generator stops working abruptly, it is beneficial to use various industrial generator services that help you maintain your high-end diesel generator. Using high-quality industrial generator services will not only make your peaceful but also improves the life of your generator. Here are a few common generator services that help you maintain a routine for generator servicing:

Fuel Transportation

Fueling requirement varies with different generators’ running duration and burn-time. Industrial generator services deliver fuel on difficult to reach site conditions on a timely basis. They carry fuel on fuel trucks and come with service trucks that have fueling capabilities. Using these services are cost-effective as the dropping fee is generally not high and it protects your generators from costly downtime.

Engine Rebuilds

If the generator is causing problems and you are considering replacing it, Engine Rebuilds is a cost-effective option. With EPA regulations and Tier requirements, an engine replacement can be a costly affair. Diesel power generators that are used on oil rigs are to be built with materials that can withstand extreme conditions like saline water and wind. There are great overhauling requirements and spare parts required that only a professional industrial generator service provider can address.

Switch Gear and ATS Equipment

Various parts of the generator depend on the Switchgear and so it is important to get a professionial to take care of its regular maintenance. A Switchgear failure can lead to a longer lead time and lead to heavy costs as it can affect important components of the machinery. It can also cause hazards to life safety. Industrial Generator services provide services like IR scanning, Thermography, breaker maintenance, injection testing, arc flash hazard analyses, and coordination studies to make your power system reliable and running.

Load Bank Testing

It is important to run the generator to its full capacity to avoid a situation called Wet Stack. A Wet stack is a situation where the motor of the generator can fail prematurely. It can lead to heavy damages to the engine since the building load capacity is often not enough as compared to the engine capacity of the generator. Burning the wet stack can take anywhere between two to eight hours as the generator reaches its maximum temperature with a full load. Getting a load bank test done in Brisbane annually is very important to work your generator unit for its rated capacity.

Other industrial generator services can include battery inspection. The battery is thoroughly inspected for electrolyte levels, specific gravity, and checking if the cables are connected and are not damaged. In addition to this, the drive belts are checked for any damage or buildup of unnecessary particles and their cleaning will be done. Furthermore, the coolant lines, oil tank, oil, and coolant leaks are checked. In case there is a coolant leak, the hose will be changed and the connectors will also be repaired. Next, the exhaust system including the muffler and exhaust pipe is inspected. The generator servicing also includes checking and cleaning of air filters, an inspection of the DC electric system, the control panel, and the AC wirings.

The change in oil and filter is one of the things that need to be done annually as part of the usual generator maintenance required. The fuel and air filters are also changed annually. The cooling system repair with flushing of the cooling system, checking coolant concentration, and finding and fixing any damages is also done by industrial generator services. Any other issues such as fuel contamination are also taken care of as part of the maintenance.

Other Things To Know About Industry Grade Generator Services

The industry-grade generators need a lot of maintenance since they are used to power heavy-duty appliances and run constantly throughout the day in most cases. Hence planning for regular maintenance services is cannot be neglected at all. All the above services are the basic layout of what maintenance services are being provided and you can chalk out a plan with the provider to get it done on a weekly, monthly, bi-annually and yearly basis. You can also consult an experienced technician to check your industry-grade generator and see what kind of services it needs in the short term or long term.

It is important to have a maintenance schedule. The work of owning a generator does not just end at its installation. Taking care of its functions is a regular task that needs to be performed with the help of experienced professionals.

Also, there are some things that you should also keep in mind while the regular maintenance of your generator takes place. If you do not have a contract with a company providing regular maintenance services to you, you need to make a logbook of all the service aspects that have been covered during maintenance. This helps you to easily identify the reason if your generator is not working in case of an emergency situation.

Preventive maintenance of an industry-grade generator ensures that you get the most out of your system for long periods. Generator maintenance is less time taking and easier on the pocket than having to go in for generator repair. Also, the best way to approach regular services is to get in a contract with a reputable generator company that provides these services, so that you can relax on your front and not worry about your power supply being interrupted. Finally, it is also important to always follow the manufacturers’ guidelines while installing big industry-grade generators.

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