Commercial Generators Overhaul

What is a commercial generator overhaul?

Commercial generator overhauls are essential to maximising the safety and productivity of your operation. As the generator ages, the likelihood of breakages or faults exponentially increases. Our overhauling service is designed to refresh your unit from the inside out, ensuring that the system operates at maximum capacity. We disassemble the unit before individually testing and reinstalling each component. This proactive maintenance procedure reduces the risk of compromising your primary or backup power source.

How does a commercial generator overhaul work?

Just like building a car engine, the overhauling process is mostly dependent on the specific part of the generator that has failed. After disassembling and testing the individual sections, Reactive Generators will then reinstall and check each element within the system. This thorough approach will identify any areas for concern, excessive wear and tear, or severe damage. While this can often be rectified by a single part replacement or simple adjustment, some cases require a more in-depth and comprehensive generator repair process. Rather than forking out for an entirely new generator, our overhauling services utilise the existing system casing to provide a complete rebuild.

There are numerous components involved in the overhaul process, including block heaters, battery chargers and batteries. Some parts may be reused from the existing system, but others will require new replacements. Reactive Generators carries a diverse range of premium spare parts on-site at all times, to ensure we provide timely and long-lasting solutions for our clients. We also work closely with several suppliers for new generators to ensure that we can easily order any additional parts when needed. Our extensive selection of authentic spare parts includes:

• Pramac
• FG Wilson (Perkins)
• Cummins (DCEC & Onan)
• Olympian (Caterpillar)
• Kubota
• Honda and more.

By rebuilding and testing the unit with new parts, Reactive Generators will ensure your existing system can return to optimal operation. Once finalised, this will improve your engine’s performance, reliability and durability, extending its working life significantly.

As the overhaul process is so dependent on the specific generator, we work with our customers to select an overhaul package that is suitable for their needs, budget and time-frame.

What is the importance of a commercial generator overhaul?

A commercial generator overhaul is an effective way to ensure your system is always operating at peak performance, without having to replace the system. A comprehensive overhaul solution will save you time and money while also protecting your investment. By testing each component of the unit individually, Reactive Generators can single out any broken parts, areas for concern or excessive wear and tear. The specificity of this process ensures the correct components are addressed and helps to identify any underlying issues with the system. Replacing individual parts will also safeguard the working life of your unit, as different components will wear at different speeds. This detailed approach will limit the need for entire unit replacements, as individual parts can be replaced at different stages. By disassembling and reinstalling the generator, Reactive Generators will complete a comprehensive and thorough overhaul, that will reduce the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns and give you the peace of mind that you can rely on your backup power source when it is needed.

How often does a commercial generator need to be overhauled?

Overhauling a generator is generally employed when either the engine or alternator fails. While some customers use this option as a preventative measure, we recommend a commercial generator overhaul if you notice any abnormalities with your system. This process is most useful for units that are no longer covered under warranty, as an overhaul reduces the need for a complete replacement.

While most overhauls can be completed within around an hour, completing a comprehensive testing and rebuild process can sometimes take some time. The exact length of time depends on the age, type and use of the unit. Reactive Generator offers rental generators for our clients, in the case their generator will be out of action for some time.

Reactive Generators Commercial Generator Overhaul

The skilled technicians at Reactive Generator offer overhauls for a range of different commercial generators. We work with our clients to establish the best option for their generator, needs, budget and time-frame. With technicians across Queensland, you can find a Reactive Generators team in Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. We are committed to providing long-lasting and reliable solutions for every client, which is why we offer a range of customised generator services. Get in touch with Reactive Generators for more information.

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