Generators ensure continuous electric supply because the breakdown of electricity can lead to economic losses in many industries. We need generators all the time, particularly during natural disasters like thunderstorms, cyclones, rainfall, snowfall etc. to have unhindered operations.

Nowadays, there are different types of generators in the market with different compositions, features, and the type of fuel used. Primarily, generators use gasoline, solar energy, diesel, or wind energy to produce electricity. The brands include Cummins, and Tecnogen.

Using a generator is not just about just buying it. To keep the generator up and running smooth, generator servicing is quintessential. We must always check about the preventive maintenance actions to be taken from time to time to avoid further damage. A regular maintenance cycle helps to rectify and resolve the issues in advance.

Unlike many other appliances you use that you have to replace once they get out of order, you have the option to repair the faulty parts of the generator rather than replacing them altogether. Before buying a new generator, you can also think about repairing it, as in most cases generator repair costs less than replacing. In other cases, when your generator is old and creating issues frequently, replacing it will be a better option. Discussed below are a few factors to help you decide whether to repair or replace your generator.

Repairing a Generator

Undoubtedly, you invest a huge amount of money in generators and like to utilize them for a long time. Repairing instead of replacing your generator is cost-friendly and helps you save money. Regular generator servicing can eliminate the risk of even a small failure such as a leaky hose, which can lead to heavy wastage of fuel. It also helps to improve the overall lifespan of a generator. Let’s discuss the key points when a generator needs repair and replacing it is not required.

Replacing a Generator

There are some cases when a replacement is genuinely needed. It would be profitable to purchase a new generator instead of spending money on generator servicing. Here are few key points to keep in mind which will help you analyze if there is a need for a replacement.
Due to internal problems, the generator loses power frequently and doesn’t start the way it should. Irrespective of whether you are using the generator for residential or commercial power supply, you need to replace your generator in such a case.
The generator could not produce or supply enough electricity. After doing a load bank test, you can test if you want to replace your unit.

You have to call an expert who is going to advise you on whether to repair your current generator or replace it. Sometimes, it is indispensable to replace old equipment, but it is best to get it serviced by a professional if the service is cost-effective and you can defer buying a new one at least for some time. Moreover, he can let you know the possible issues with your machine well in advance. The life of the generator can be increased by regular maintenance, enhancing its efficiency and saving you money for years. What is most important is that you should have peace of mind after you have taken either decision!

Reactive Generators

Reactive Generators directs every effort towards supporting our customers. We work with each client individually to establish their needs, goals, and budget before providing tailored advice and services. Operating across Queensland, we offer skilled technicians in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Ipswich. We cater to industrial and commercial clients across the region, providing a comprehensive and end-to-end service. From purchase and installation to maintenance and repairs, you can trust Reactive Generators to get the job done.

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