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Although the generators used are usually reliable, such as the buying a second-hand car, it is difficult to judge how the previous owner handled the equipment. It is also important to know what you should be looking for when buying a pre-owned generator.

Why do you need a generator?

A generator is a device that converts an energy source into electrical power for use in an external circuit. A generator is basically a machine that makes electrical energy. It has a generator head with wires spinning inside a magnetic field.

Generators play a key role in many households, businesses, industrial organisations and commercial settings, especially during emergencies, power interruptions or events. These equipments can also be used as the primary source of power in regions where access to a main source of power is not feasible. As generators play a very important role in the functioning of a number of systems, broken down or unreliable generators pose major problems, unexpected costs and stressful delays.

One of the main and most beneficial reasons to invest in a generator is to use it as a backup power. During summer and weather extremes, there is a risk for power to go out, which can last for hours. There are several serious problems that can occur during those hours like nursing homes are without essential life support technology, stores unable to process sales and orders, perishable goods stored in refrigerators and freezers may also be damaged, even power stations need backup power!

Industrial generators are also perfect for primary power; for areas that may not have a stable infrastructure, for farmers with power-dependent activities, for resorts and hotels in remote locations, etc.

Reasons to buy a Second- Hand Generator

It is necessary to weigh all your options when buying a used generator. Some advantages of purchasing a used generator are-

Cost effective

The latest generator sets (gensets) can be expensive compared to a second-hand generators. They also rely on run hours similar to the kilometres travelled when buying a second-hand car.


There’s hardly any time to wait on the used set. New generators may take a long time to order from manufacturers or suppliers, many of whom are located overseas, and this increases during peak times.

Future maintenance

Buying from a business that can both help in maintaining and selling is a big benefit, because they will be able to maintain and service your generator down the track. You should only buy from reliable businesses. We, at Reactive Generators, have an extensive range of used and new generators as well as spare parts.

5 Things You Must Check Before Buying a Used Generator

Age, Hours and Use

Looking at the used generator set, one of the first things to look for is the hours, age and history of the generator set. Generators can be used for a wide variety of applications requiring power at various times and in different ways. A generator that has been used as a backup set would also have low operating hours, even though it is years old. The main power generator would have higher operating hours, but it may also be a newer model in years.

Manufacturer’s history and reputation

Again, much like a vehicle, the generator would have more durable and trustworthy brands. Do some research on brands that are known to make long-lasting, efficient and durable generators.
Reliable brands for generators used include Cummins, Detroit, Pramac, Perkins, etc. Depending on what you are looking for, whether your main factor is cost, power, or support, there’s a brand out there to meet everyone’s needs.

Physical wear and tear

This one ties in with the use of the generator, if it’s been sitting outside, it’s more likely to wear and tear because of the weather than the set that’s been sitting inside. It is important to check for cracks and corrosion on mechanical components that can be easily affected. Make sure you look beyond the initial paint job because the generator can be easily repainted!

Load Testing

It is necessary to purchase a generator that has been checked for load. Load testing helps to assess the operating power, as old generators can lose power over time. Just when we replace parts, we ensure that we conduct all the checks and reports required to ensure that the generator performs at its best and validate the generator’s actual capabilities.

Using a reliable company

Make sure you’re buying from a business who knows what they’re doing! The right company will conduct the necessary checks and services to ensure that the generator is in the best working conditions. This covers things like oil change, parts repair/replacement, painting, and load checking.
You should ask the company if the generators used have been tested, the components replaced and the load tests carried out. It is also strongly recommended purchasing from a known company with field servicing experience. This is a clear indicator that they know what they are doing and how to look after the generator.

We, at Reactive Generators, have an extensive range of used and new generators as well as spare parts.
We provide a comprehensive range of power solutions across Queensland, catering to commercial and industrial clients. Reactive Generators is built on the foundations of safety, customer service, being bold and working together. These values are interlaced into every aspect of our work to ensure we continually provide the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

Reactive Generators

Reactive Generators provides an end-to-end service for replacement and new generator installations. We work with our clients to assess their needs and requirements before creating a tailored plan that reflects their needs. After the successful installation of their unit, we also offer a comprehensive range of generator servicing and maintenance options. These proactive and preventative measures are the most effective way to enhance the functionality and reliability of a generator, as well as capitalise on its potential lifespan. Our skilled technicians are based in

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