Getting A Backup Generator

Power outages and interruptions can present significant challenges for commercial and industrial facilities. Extended periods without electricity can hinder day-to-day operations and prevent some entities from functioning at all. Many businesses do not consider their emergency backup power plan until faced with an unexpected outage, and by then it is too late. Being proactive and installing a backup generator for your premise is the easiest way to protect your facility during a power outage. Before purchasing a unit, there are several factors which should influence your decision. Reactive Generators has compiled a list of critical questions to ask you emergency power provider to assist you with your choice. These questions are as follows:

What levels of service are recommended?

The appropriate level of service depends on the intended use, installation location and the nature of your business. To provide a relevant and accurate response, your service provider will require you to answer the following questions:

1. How much power is needed? This value can be calculated by adding the wattage of individual systems and appliances that require power during an electrical interruption.
2. Will the generator be moved to different locations? This will determine if a portable or standby generator is more appropriate.
3. Is any auxiliary equipment required? Reactive Generators recommends that every generator is installed with an automatic transfer switch to minimize the disruption to daily operation during an outage.
4. Do you need a single or three-phase generator? Single-phase generators are typically used to power lighting and heating only, while three-phase generators facilitate high power systems.

After considering your responses, your chosen power provide can recommend a generator most appropriate for your needs and outline the services they can offer you.

What differentiates you from other power providers?

With so many power solution companies in the industry, it is essential to determine the main difference between each provider. Gaining an understanding of the experience, services and location of each provider will ensure you can make an informed decision that reflects your specific needs.

What type of systems do you service and what is involved in your maintenance process?

The first step in selecting a generator maintenance service provider is to confirm that the company can cater to your specific model and brand of unit. To ensure the provider offers a comprehensive, reliable and high-quality service for your generator, you may consider checking if the company offers the following options:
General Maintenance
• Switchgear Maintenance
• Fuel Polishing
Load Bank Testing
• Complete Engine Rebuilds

Finding an operator that meets each of these requirements is the key to maximising the efficiency, functionality and reliability of your generator.

What is your standard response time to issues?

While routine generator maintenance and servicing will exponentially increase the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns or malfunctions, some issues may still arise. It is an excellent idea to establish how responsive a service provider will be in the event of a problem before making your final selection. Employing an organisation that is unable to provide a timely and adequate response may increase the length of unnecessary disruptions and significantly impact on your business operation. Such delays can incur high costs, missed deadlines or complete in-operation.

What backup generator options do you provide?

When your unit requires servicing or in the event of an unexpected breakdown, it is beneficial to have access to a backup generator. This standby unit will ensure that your business is not left without an emergency electrical supply system for extensive periods, and is always equipped to deal with power outages or failures. It is essential to select a power provider that stocks the correct models, sizes and styles of generators to suit your needs.

What role do you play after the generator purchase?

While many organisations offer generators for hire or sale, fewer organisations also remain engaged after the purchase. To pick a generator service provider that we adequately cater to your needs and assist you in the event of an emergency, you should also ask the supplier what role they intend to play after payment and installation is complete. Selecting a company that provides an engaged and comprehensive end-to-end service is the most effective way to safeguard your commercial or industrial entity. Establishing what services are offered before making the purchase will also help reduce the likelihood of disappointments or disagreements. We recommend opting for an operator that can deliver, install and provide maintenance for your generator.

Reactive Generators

Reactive Generators operate across Queensland, catering to the commercial and industrial markets in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich. We offer a comprehensive range of services and our skilled technicians will guide you through every step of the process. From purchase and install, to maintenance and repairs, we strive to provide timely and innovative solutions for every customer. Get in touch with our friendly team to experience the Reactive Generators difference today.

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