22kw and 2000kw Generators

Commercial and Industrial Generators

A commercial or industrial generator is similar to residential generators used to power homes in the event of a power outage or blackout. However, commercial and industrial units are larger. They have a higher power output that allows the generator to power more significant business facilities and minimises disruptions even in the event of a power shortage. This power assistance can apply to security systems, equipment and lighting at the commercial or industrial site. The most commonly used are natural gas and diesel generators, and these come in different sizes. Choosing the most appropriate system is mainly dependent on the intended use and size of the site.

Different Sizes of Generators

Generators are differentiated by their power capability, measured in kilowatts (kW). Higher kW increases the power production potential, allowing for more appliances to be serviced. To identify the required kW, you will need to establish your steady-state load (such as lights and appliances) which you expect to operate at any one time and select a unit which caters to these needs. Heating and cooling appliances, refrigerators and other common white goods consume large quantities of power and will require a more significant generator. Conversely, powering the lights at a small venue or servicing small power tools only need a small system.

Another consideration is the state-up kW of appliances. Some equipment, such as fans and pumps, that exhibit moving parts consume much electricity at start-up but do not need high levels of power to continue functioning. This kW difference is because the motor or moving parts require a lot more energy to move from stationary to running than it does to keep running. A power consumption surge at the start-up of these appliances can cause a generator to fail, even if the unit is capable of servicing the device at its running kW.

22KW Generator

A 22KW generator is a small and relatively compact piece of equipment, intended for application at small sites. The generator produces up to 22 kW of power, which is generally enough to service a local business, a telecommunications site or even a small nursing home or small accommodation facility.

2000KW Generator

A 2000KW generator is a much larger unit, typically used at major facilities including data centres, large hospitals or potentially multiple centres within a hospital. Such units are usually integrated with the fire life safety of the building and delivered in shipping cargo containers.

What happens if the generator overloads?

Selecting the right generator is fundamental to efficient usage, lifespan and reliability. If you choose a generator that is too small, you may not be able to service heavy-duty items such as fridges, leading to the breakdown of essential appliances during a power outage. This breakdown will not only cause unnecessary disruptions to daily operation but may also cause further damage to the electrical system.

If a generator is running for long periods with an overload (a rating above the maximum rating of the set) there are various issues that may present. These include:

• Overheating of the engine
• Overheating of the alternator, which will burn out the windings
• Breakdown in oil consistency causing low oil pressure and engine failure
• Reduced generator lifespan
• Irreversible damage to appliances using the power
• Breakdown of generator

Reactive Generators

Reactive Generators are the industry leaders for power generators in Queensland. Our comprehensive range of services covers everything from generator hire to sale and custom builds, ongoing maintenance, remote monitoring and emergency repairs. Drawing on our extensive experience in the industry and relevant qualifications, we are committed to working with you to select the most appropriate generator for your needs and budget. Whether you’re a small, local business or a large private hospital, we are dedicated to providing innovative and efficient solutions to all of your power generator needs.

Reactive Generator Locations

Reactive Generators is based in Queensland and operates out of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich. Our skilled technicians also work with numerous suppliers to carry almost every brand of generators and are always stocked with a diverse range of spare parts and replacements. This includes:

• Socomec (FG Wilson, Olumpian, Caterpillar CTI & ATI)
• NHP Terasaki
• Merlin Gerin
• Schneider

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