The industrial sector in Brisbane has unique backup power needs and that’s why so many brands are on offer for property owners and managers to choose from. We have a number of reputable names that distribute across Australia including Cummins, Generac, Kohler and Pramac.  Interested buyers in the industrial market can buy and service one from an authorized dealer or services provider. Reactive Generators is a generator servicing specialist in Brisbane that can help you navigate the choice between different brand names. The top two brands in Australia are Cummins and Generac and that’s because they offer the best kind of backup power support for a few reasons. We are partnered with them both and will give you access to the highest quality and most reliable industrial gen sets for almost any application.

Why Cummins and Generac are the best?

These two brands are the some of the top preferred brands for industrial power supply needs because they have the comparable build quality and performance dependability. You should want to invest in the right brands to make sure that you can enjoy these and many more benefits of an industrial generator. They are also well known because the parts are easy to maintain and they have good manufacturer warranties. Our customers are usually looking for advice about which one will work best for them and that often depends on your plans, budget and usage requirements.

Cummins vs Generac

This is a tough one but they each have their own characteristics that make them unique. Generac is one of the top industrial brands but it also dominates in the residential market. This is because it is slightly cheaper in cost to install and maintain. However, Cummins has come up and proven itself as a worthy competitor in the market of back-up power in Brisbane. It has become more popular because it prioritizes high-quality parts and performance. Here are more defining characteristics for each brand:

Generac generators
  • Generac produces industrial generators that are not as heavy as other brands. This is also the case when compared to Cummins generators. There can be a difference of 60kgs between models of the same size.
  • Generac prices are cheaper because they have manufacturing plants everywhere including Australia, which means the distribution prices are lower.
Cummins generators 
  • Cummins is known to manufacture the most silent models on the market. Most other brands of industrial generator units have inferior sound level capabilities. Sound levels have been known to be as low as 62 decibels which can be highly advantageous for industrial use because it keeps owners in compliance with local noise permittance regulations.
  • Cummins is known to be a more high-quality product due to the price and it is because of this that they are less prone to breaking down than other brands.


We have more than 50 years in Brisbane’s industrial generator servicing business and we think the best choice, and value for money, is a Cummins generator. A Generac generator may be the better choice for temporary, occasional and low capacity requirements but if you are looking to buy into a more long-term option, then Cummins is the brand for you. Generac units are  cheaper and you can expect the cheaper option to be less durable than other options. In our experience, they need more repairs and frequent servicing. Cummins have a longer lifespan and aren’t as prone to the same technical failure.

Benefits of a Cummins generator

Benefits of a Generac generator

Our best advice to all industrial generator buyers in Brisbane is to use a licensed generator technician company to help you with specialized advice that will help you make the decision. If you use a licensed generator services provider in Brisbane, they’ll only employ industrial-trained technicians and they’re the best for this type of job. They are fully trained and authorized by the local government for the best installation practises, routine servicing and generator repairs.

Reactive Generators

Reactive Generators directs every effort towards supporting our customers. We work with each client individually to establish their needs, goals, and budget before providing tailored advice and services. Operating across Queensland, we offer skilled technicians in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich. We cater to industrial and commercial clients across the region, providing a comprehensive and end-to-end service. From purchase and installation to maintenance and repairs, you can trust Reactive Generators to get the job done.

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