DSE DSE327 Controller

Product Code: DSE327

Automatic Transfer Switch Controller

The DSE327 is an Automatic Transfer Switch Control Module designed to monitor the voltage of an incoming AC supply from two different sources. This could be from both generator or mains (utility), or a combination of both. The module monitors S1 (Source 1) and in the event of a failure issues a start command to S2 (Source 2). The DSE327 can be ordered in 110 V and 230 V variants.

Once S2 is available and producing an output within limits, the module controls the transfer device and switches the load from S1 to S2. Once the S1 supply returns to within limits, the module commands a load return to S1 and shuts down S2. Various timing sequences are available to prevent nuisance starting on minor supply breaks.

72 mm x 90.5 mm x 65 mm (2.8″ x 3.6″ x 2.6″)
0.3 kg
0327-01 – 327 Auto Transfer Switch Control Module (230 Volt)
0327-02 – 327 Auto Transfer Switch Control Module (110 Volt)
0327-03 – 327 Auto Transfer Switch Control Module (230 Volt – 10 Second Delay)








Product Highlights
Key Features Key Benefits
LED indicators. Provides visual indication for operating and warning status.
Two precision time adjustable potentiometers. Provides the user with flexibility.
Source 1/source 2 control. Provides total flexibility for the application of the product.
Configurable timers. Makes the product suitable for multiple application types.
Automatic switch over between supplies. Minimises the effects caused by power disruptions.
DIN rail mount. Simple to Install.

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