DSE DSE8920 Controller

Product Code: DSE8920

7″ Colour Load Share & Synchronising Control Module

The DSE8920 7″ Colour Load Sharing & Synchronising Control Module has been designed to parallel single generators with a mains (utility) supply. The module offers the added flexibility of being configurable to function as a DSE8910 Auto Start Load Share Control Module for paralleling up to 32 generators with multiple mains (utility) supplies.

Key features of the module include a full colour 7″ optically bonded display, 800 x 480 pixel graphical user interface, built-in AVR, governor and CAN control, Two types of KW/VAr sharing support and drag & drop advanced PLC editor.

310 mm x 162 mm x 51 mm (12.2″ x 6.4″ x 2.0″)
282 mm x 136 mm (11.1″ x 5.4″)
8.0 mm (0.3″)
1.0 kg
8920-01 – 8910 7″ Colour Load Share & Synchronising Control Module







Product Highlights
Key Features Key Benefits
Configurable digital inputs (12). Provides multiple installation options.
Configurable analogue / digital inputs (4). Provides multiple installation options.
Configurable flexible sender inputs (2). Provides multiple installation options.
Configurable DC outputs (8). Provides multiple installation options.
Configurable volt-free outputs (2). Provides multiple installation options.
Configurable 5 stage dummy load and load shedding outputs. Allows load options and dummy load requirements to be independently controlled.
Tier 4F Stage V CAN engine support. Compatible with the latest engine technology.
Independent ports for RS485, CAN, USB and Ethernet. Provides flexible connection options.
MODBUS RTU / TCP IP support. Provides simple flexible communication options.
In-built SNMP. Enables simple transfer of data between devices on same network.
3-phase mains (utility) & generator voltage and current sensing. Monitors mains (utility) and generator.
7″ full colour TFT display. Presents system information clearly.
Optically bonded sunlight readable display. Enhances readability in high humidity environments.
Hi-clarity 800 x 480 pixel graphical user interface. Displays graphics in crystal clear resolution.
Built-in AVR governor and CAN control. Ideal for multiple application environments.
Two types of KW/VAr sharing support (isochronous or droop). Offers flexible support options for ultimate flexibility.
Drag and drop advanced PLC editor. Ensures additional applications are easily integrated into the system.
IEEE 1547TM – 2018 compliant. Ensures the module is compliant to the latest standards.
Configurable for use as a DSE8910 load sharing control module. Provides flexibility for multiple application use.
2 starting sequences: start all / starts load requires. Provides advanced flexibility.
Peak lopping / load sharing. Enables an additional power source to be used when grid has no remaining power.
Manual voltage / frequency adjustment. Provides flexibility to the user.
RoCoF and vector shift protection. Provides protection monitoring.
Generator load demand. Ensures load on generators is maintained at optimum operating levels.
Automatic hours run balancing. Maintains even wear on generators.
Mains (utility) decoupling. Detects mains (utility) failure.
Bus failure detection. Detects failures on the bus.
Volts and frequency matching. Provides automatic detection.
Dead bus synchronising. Provides rapid power delivery on multi-set systems.
DSENet® expansion. Provides simple expansion device connection.
DSEWebNet® compatibility. Provides remote monitoring capability.

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